British tourists warned of £8,500 fines if they break the rules in Italy

The home of pizza, Roman architecture and idyllic beaches, it’s not hard to see why Italy is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

However, British tourists will need to watch out for some unusual laws while they’re enjoying a break in Italy.

Laws can vary across Italy and some top tourist destinations have strict rules in place to discourage bad behaviour.

The British Government warns British tourists not to drop litter, sit on monument steps or eat and drink near historic monuments and churches.

Tourists are banned from sitting on Rome’s Spanish Steps to protect the famous monument from being damaged.

Last year, an American tourist was fined for eating an ice cream after he sat on a historic fountain to enjoy the sweet treat.

Bathing in fountains is illegal in many Italian towns, including Florence and Rome. Tourists could also receive a 10,000 euro (£8,500) fine if they urinate in public.

In Venice, it’s forbidden to swim in the city’s canals. Aside from being dangerous, the canal water is very dirty and swimming in it could make people very sick.

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In Capri, one of Italy’s gorgeous islands, tourists could be fined up to 500 euros (£429) for bringing disposable plastic onto the island.

Banned disposable items include plastic bags, cutlery, plates, cups, food packaging, trays and straws.

Tourists could also land themselves in hot water if they remove sand, shells or pebbles from Italy’s coast.

Any traveller caught doing so could face a huge fine and be stopped by airport security staff which could result in them missing their flight.

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The UK Government added: “Illegal traders operate on the streets of all major Italian cities. It is illegal to buy items from unlicensed street traders. If you do, you could be stopped by the local police and fined.”

Tourists should avoid buying items from street traders as they could get in trouble for doing so.

Before travelling to Italy, British tourists should check the regional rules and restrictions in their holiday destination.

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