American Airlines flight attendant's song inspired by Kylie Jenner goes viral

One American Airlines flight attendant’s spirited rendition of “Rise and Shine” – inspired by a highly circulated clip of Kylie Jenner singing the tune to her already-awake daughter – has gone viral on Twitter, racking up over 2.4 million views to date.

a large passenger jet flying through a cloudy sky: Whether you’re a frequent flier or have only flown on a passenger aircraft once in your life, here are five things to know about passenger planes.

“Rise and shine! Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Dallas International Airport, where the local time is 6:03 a.m.,” flight attendant Cameron Blackmon announced over an airplane intercom, as seen in footage that the American employee shared to social media on Oct. 19.

“Doing the lord’s work this morning on the red eye in from LAX,” he captioned the clip, which has since received over 35,000 comments to date.

The person filming Blackmon could be heard chuckling in the background of the video, and many Twitter users shared the opinion that the clip was hilarious.

“How do I always get the dry crusty boring flight attendants[?],” one user wondered.

Though a spokesperson for American Airlines was not immediately available to offer further comment on the story, Blackmon has since revealed that the silly stunt brought a smile to many of the passengers who witnessed the moment.

“Many were smiling, regardless of getting the joke or not,” he commented, according to USA Today.

“I feel like many airline passengers have gotten so used to the basics of flying that when they hear something out of the ordinary such as me singing ‘rise and shine,’ it puts a smile on their face,” Blackmon mused. “I love what I do and enjoy when I am able to brighten the day of my passengers.”

Last week, Jenner revealed that she’s officially selling $65 sweatshirts inspired by her viral “rise and shine” moment.

On Oct. 10, the reality star gave her fans a look at her office space, which includes a playroom for daughter Stormi. Near the end of the video, Jenner enters the playroom, flicks on a light switch, and rouses her 1-year-old baby girl by singing the phrase “rise and shine” in her breathiest tone.

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