Get Outside: Fun Summer Outdoor Family Activity Ideas

Who wants to stay indoors during the summer? Certainly not us, and we’re pretty sure you and your family don’t either. The summertime is the perfect season to get up, get out and get active together with family and friends, and outside is crawling with a new adventure every day. Are you the kind to layout at the beach all day, or do you prefer to play a family-friendly sport for all to enjoy? Either way, check out the list below of some fun family outdoor activities for all to participate in as the weather gets warmer!


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Beach DayThrow some ice in the cooler, pack your favorite snacks, and slap on some sunscreen for the perfect day on the beach. For this outdoor activity, grab your family, close friends, and even the dog for this outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you want to go splashing in the water and playing with a beach ball or soaking up the sun and catching some Z’s under the big umbrella, spend the day out kicking around some sand, getting a tan, and enjoying the smell of the ocean breeze.

Water Park/Amusement ParksThe summertime is the perfect time for some theme park fun, and the best part about it is that there’s a theme park for everyone. Want to get wet and wild at a water park with log flumes and get soaked in your bathing suit? Or are you more of thrilling hundreds of feet in the air roller coaster enthusiast? Either way, take a road trip to your favorite amusement park or water park near you for some all-day fun riding the rides, filling up on funnel cake, and the joys of winning stuffed prizes. And, don’t forget to buy some quick skip passes to bypass those lines!

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Drive-In Movie TheatreMovies at home are great for comfort and movies in the theatres are great for dates. However, drive-in movie theatres are great for the entire family. Get creative with your drive-in movie experience in your own vehicle. Locate a local drive-in near you, buckle up, plug the address into your GPS and you’ll pull up before you know it. Snacks are on you because you can bring your own concessions from home and you can pick where you sit without worrying about other moviegoers. Sit on the hood of your car or cozy up in the backseat with the two fronts down – either way, drive-in movies are a must this summer!

Mini GolfThis non-competitive family sport is a fun way to chat it up while playing a game that most don’t normally know the rules to. Put on some khakis or white cargo shorts, a visor, and a cooling polo shirt as you play some putt-putt mini-golf with your family. The great part about this activity is that you can take your time, hit a couple of hole-in-ones, no matter how long it takes, and enjoy each other’s company as you grow through every fun, wacky level with hills, waterfalls, and windmills.

Hiking/Parks and TrailsWorking out can sometimes be intimidating, but it doesn’t always have to be. You don’t have to run a lap around the track to get in some good cardio, and you don’t have to do squats to get your leg workout in. Find a nearby trail, pack some water bottles in your packed-lightly backpack, throw on some biker shorts and up you go. With hiking in parks and trails, not only do you get to get a solid workout in, but it’s not a race. Take your time getting to your destination and even bring a guidebook just in case you discover new creatures and foliage. Make sure to pack hiking shoes with grip because those rocks can be slippery!

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