Airth Castle: The haunted Scottish hotel home to a ghost dog and groundsmen

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Overlooking the village of Airth, a 30-minute drive away from Glasgow, Airth Castle dates back to the 14th century and was once owned by the family of Robert the Bruce. There are 125 rooms and suites at the castle – and some have some chilling stories.

Room 9 is allegedly home to the ghost of a nanny and two children who died in a fire, it is said that some people can hear the youngsters running and screaming about the corridors.

Ladies who are brave enough to pay a visit to the downstairs toilets may even see the spirits of these lost souls, as this is where their room was originally located.

Over in Room 14, reports of a maid screaming while being attacked and left for dead by her master have been heard on several occasions, where heavy footsteps are known to approach the door before suddenly falling silent.

If that wasn’t enough to convince visitors that Airth Castle has paranormal activity, there are even reports of a four-legged ghost from beyond the grave.

The infamous ghost dog apparently enjoys biting at guests’ ankles as they walk the medieval interior. Some guests have even felt the hound brush past them in the hallways.

If the castle itself wasn’t spooky enough, ghost hunters can also pay a visit to the Scottish fortress’ 12th century graveyard, which dates back to the days when Robert the Bruce himself was alive.

Those who have a staycation planned at this remote Scottish destination can continue their spooky tours around other nearby attractions such as the Stirling Ghost Walk that begins at the Old Town Jail.

Also nearby for castle fans is Stirling Castle, once home of Mary Queen of Scots, which boasts the largest banqueting hall ever built in medieval Scotland.

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