Airline launches sleep pods in economy – and they’re way cheaper than upgrading

Many of us find it impossible to sleep in uncomfortable economy seats.

But thanks to Air New Zealand, that might be about to change.

The airline announced its Skynest sleeping pods last year, which are cosy cabins you can book even when you’re not in first or business class.

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On selected long haul trips, customers will be able to book out the six pods to get some kip for a few hours.

Each bunk will have its own pillow, sheets, blanket, ear plugs, charging port, lighting, ventilation outlet and seatbelt.

Air New Zealand will allocate around 30 minutes in between sessions for bedding to be changed and cabins to be cleaned.

But how much will the flight add-on cost you?

Air New Zealand has priced four hour sleep slots at $400-600 NZD, which is equivalent to around £200-£300.

Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty told “We’re still in the process of firming up all things pricing as there are a number of factors involved but we anticipate it will be between $400 – $600 NZD per four hour session.

“Customers will be able to book it as an add on to their ticket when they initially purchase it.

“However, we are also working through the ability to add it to their tickets at a later date and also be able to book it onboard if there is a session available.

“These details are still being worked through and we look forward to sharing them once everything is confirmed.”

While the price may seem a little steep, some customers are likely to stump up the cash if it means getting some shut-eye.

It's also much more cost effective to do this than paying for an upgrade.

Return flights from London to Auckland next week cost around £1,300 when you're jetting off in economy class.

But if you were flying business class, it would be around £7,200 for a return.


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