Ryanair flight attendant shares day in her life – including 4.30am wake up

Plenty of us have thought about working in the airline industry – at least when we were kids.

The idea of being a flight attendant and travelling around the world to exotic locations can certainly appeal, but, it seems the reality of life in the sky isn’t always so glamorous.

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In fact, Love Island star Lucinda Strafford claims she quit her job as an air hostess because it didn’t live up to the hype.

Meanwhile over on TikTok, a flight attendant shared a day in her life with the public – including early starts and lots of travel.

Meg McKeon, @megmckeon, is a mum of one and works for airline Ryanair.

In the video clip she gave an insight into what a day of work could look like.

Meg began by waking up at 4.30am and having an iced coffee, and then driving to the airport an hour later.

All fairly standard pre-work routines – except for the fact that she headed abroad.

Meg wrote: “I went to Pisa and back today”.

Pisa is an Italian town in Tuscany famous for its Leaning Tower and the Baptistry in the piazza.

Meg showed herself entering the airport and crossing the tarmac to the plane, and said she arrived at the aircraft for 6.55am.

The flight attendant filmed the window while she worked and then showed the plane landing in Pisa. She ate her lunch and then flew back to the UK.

Meg walked through the airport back to her car and said: “I finished around 1pm.”

Meaning between waking up and arriving back at her car Meg was awake for eight and a half hours.

In the comments people were amazed that the flight attendant was able to fly to another country and back in such little time.

One person said: “Your shift is same length time as mine and you’ve been to a different country and back home I’ve been round corner.”

Another added: “It’s just crazy how you have been to a different country and back in one day.

“I find that crazy.”

In another video, Meg answered yes or no to some of the most common questions she’s asked as an airline worker.

She noted that she doesn’t work layovers and also can’t get people free flights.

Meg added that the training for her role was “intense”, but it’s worth it as she thinks she has the “best job”.

The stewardess also added that you can become cabin crew with children and that there is nowhere to get “air” while flying.


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