A step inside British staycations – the Cambridge hotel that boasts pure luxury

You don't need to jet off abroad to experience the joy of being on holiday.

Staycations can scratch the travel itch with minimal effort – especially if you're travelling to a location that's close to home.

This was definitely the case when I enjoyed a recent trip to The Varsity Hotel in Cambridge.

Situated upon the riverside in the city centre, the hotel is in the perfect location to savour in all of Cambridge’s delights.

Although it is in a central location, it is peacefully tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the bars and restaurants that sit on the adjacent street.

The cobblestone streets and lack of litter are noticeable making my way up to the hotel.

As I step foot into the hotel, I am greeted by smiles from staff – who genuinely make you feel that they want you there.

The moment I put my bags down I realise I am in for a relaxing 24 hours ahead, as I am asked if I would like help to bring my luggage to my room.

I am guided to my room and welcomed with a small tour of where I will be staying.

The Senior Fellows Super King room, which as the name states, boasts a super king size bed.

Although the bed was dreamy, the Victorian bathtub and plush interiors truly stole my heart.

And if that was not convincing enough that luxury can be found in the UK, the room promised spectacular views of Cambridge.

It allows you to wake up facing the gorgeous college buildings that make the city so grand and unique.

After falling in love with the room, I did not quite want to leave.

But, with a spa appointment ahead of me I locked up ready to be massaged into further tranquillity.

The Glassworks spa is part of the hotel which can be entered at the side of the building where I was supplied a dressing gown and slippers. It saved me from the humiliation of walking about in them in the confines of the hotel lobby.

I went for a facial and massage which soothed me into pure bliss – the delicate movements of the therapists and soft music were to thank for that.

Once my appointment was finished, I had access to the gym.

But instead of working up a sweat, I carried on my relaxation session in the pool area which was lit with deep toned purple lights – allowing me to carry on my trance of pure bliss.

After I had quite literally dipped into luxury, it was time to line my belly with it too.

Dining at one of the hotel’s restaurants, SIX Brassie, I gave in to pure indulgence by ordering the lobster.

The seafood came served with a salad garnish and chips, along with a pot full of garlic butter.

To accompany my meal I enjoyed a cocktail from the list that consisted of traditional favourites and spectacularly crafted contemporary alcoholic serves.

Although it was busy, I never felt rushed or forgotten about which ensured the feeling of luxury never departed.

As I sat there resting my stomach from the delights I had just treated myself to I knew that flying away to another country is not needed to delve into a premium getaway.

The Varsity Hotel just confirms that you do not have to endure the trouble of relentlessly looking for flights to whisk you away to paradise, when you can experience it right here in the UK.

It is not hard to fall in love with Cambridge – and The Varsity Hotel does well to play its part as cupid.

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