JetBlue no longer requires air purchase to use Paisly platform

JetBlue has opened its Paisly platform to travelers who don’t book JetBlue flights, enabling them to search for and purchase non-air products.

Also, JetBlue will offer discounts on rental cars, lodging and activities to TrueBlue loyalty program members even if they haven’t booked a flight.

“We want to be the company travelers go to when they book a trip, whether they choose to fly, drive, train or boat to their destination,” JetBlue Travel Products president Andres Barry said in a prepared remark.

Launched in 2021, Paisly has until now only been available to booked JetBlue flyers. Through the site, JetBlue partners with travel suppliers to make suggestions on travel services unrelated to flying.

Paisly was designed to cater to travelers who aren’t ready to make a bundled purchase through JetBlue Vacations at the time of a flight booking but who want to make a la carte purchases as they continue planning their trip in the following weeks and months. 

Now that Paisly has been opened to all travelers, TrueBlue members without a booked flight will be able use the service to earn credit toward loyalty status under the carrier’s redesigned accrual system taking effect this spring.

In addition, TrueBlue members without a JetBlue flight will have access to discounts up to 15% on hotels as well as discount offers on car rentals.

All JetBlue customers with an upcoming JetBlue flight can save up to 20% off hotels and up to 35% off car rentals via Paisly, the carrier said.

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