Benidorm tops list of pickpocket hotspots

Hotel Benidorm: Guests explain why they like Benidorm

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Spain is one of the UK’s top holiday destinations. According to new research, the popular holiday resort of Benidorm is one of Europe’s worst pickpocket hotspots.

Pickpocket hotspots

  1. Mercado Municipal de Benidorm, Spain
  2. Athens Metro, Greece
  3. Colon Street, Philippines
  4. Barcelona Metro, Spain
  5. Las Ramblas, Spain
  6. Gare du Nord, France
  7. Paris Metro, France
  8. Roma Termini, Italy
  9. El Rastro, Spain
  10. Lisbon Tramway Network, Portugal

According to research by, the Mercado Municipal in Benidorm is Europe’s worst pickpocketing hotspot.

On Tripadvisor, over 17 percent of reviews mentioned pickpockets in their account of the local market.

Just steps from Benidorm’s historic centre, the central market is the city’s top grocery spot with lots of local treats for sale.

However, tourists will need to keep their wits about them as the market is also a hotspot for pickpockets.

Many of the reviews on Tripadvisor mentioned a common scam involving a rigged game of chance.

Scammers use the game of cups and peas as a distraction technique to help accomplices rob unsuspecting tourists.

Travellers could lower their chances of being robbed by using a money belt which can be concealed under clothing.

The Athens Metro in the Greek capital was the second worst hotspot for pickpockets in the world.

Public transport is often popular with pickpockets as tourists are easily identifiable as they may look lost.

Travellers are also often distracted as they attempt to navigate the transport system which can make them an easy target.

Over 15 percent of reviews of the Athens Metro mentioned pickpockets which suggests the transport system has a bit of a problem.

According to reports, as many as 50 thieves are arrested per day on the Metro, so tourists will need to be careful using it.

Colon Street in Cebu City in the Philippines was the world’s third worst spot for pickpockets.

The crowded street is home to many fashionable shops and cinemas, making it very popular with tourists.

Over 10 percent of reviews on Tripadvisor mentioned pickpockets who may target tourists through the crowds.

Spain topped the list with four destinations in the top 10, including tourist attractions in Barcelona and Madrid as well as Benidorm.

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