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The Volunteer Traveller

Using a combination of volunteering and tourism, now is the perfect time to enhance your next Central Queensland holiday in the Southern Great Barrier Reef and get ‘hands on’ with the exciting places you plan to visit.

Currently, just a short half-hour drive from Rockhampton, two exceptional experiences on the Capricorn Coast are calling for some mighty volunteer travellers.

Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

Located just 28 minutes from Rockhampton and 15 minutes from Yeppoon lies an animal sanctuary with countless beautiful things to discover…
Over the past 18 months, on top of many volunteers from across Australia, Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary has hosted volunteers from USA, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Taiwan, England, Scotland, Germany and China.

And why not!

You can cuddle a koala, hold a crocodile, snake or lizard, play with birds, interact with cheeky monkeys and hand feed kangaroos.

Does the chance to get up close and personal with Australia’s unique wildlife while exploring the Capricorn Coast sound like a perfect opportunity to tick off an item on your bucket list?

Aside from a mandatory smile and friendly hello, your duties will include animal food preparation, wildlife presentations, and handing and cleaning.

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm

Or maybe you want to learn more about sustainable agriculture/living, which contributes to the greater good and experience of what it is like to live off-the-grid?

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm was opened in 2016 with the intention to create a self-sustaining community that would inspire future generations to get back to working in harmony with Mother Nature.

The Farm serves fresh, local, organically grown produce to their local nearby dining venue, Beaches Restaurant, who has designed their menu to use the natural, chemical free ingredients that have been grown with love.

As well as hosting a small but growing community of volunteers, the farm is also home to many free ranging animals including horses, ducks, chickens, cattle, sheep, two dogs, a pig and a goat.

Does this sound more up your alley? High Valley Dawn is ready to welcome you.

Planning a volunteering holiday might seem like a difficult task, but it’s certainly not! Have a think about what you want to do, why you want to do it and then visit to start planning your itinerary.

You can choose the perfect holiday that suits your interests, pushes your limits, and provides memories that will last a lifetime.

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