ANA announces updated flight services at Haneda Airport ·

ANA announces updated flight services at Haneda Airport

ANA to operate international flights out of Terminal 2, starting on March 29, 2020.
Move set to increase transfer convenience on select ANA international routes.
ANA to develop notification system that will allow passengers to check their departure terminal in real time.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-star airline for seven consecutive years, will start operating both domestic and international flights out of Terminal 2 at Haneda Airport (HND) and continue to serve international flights out of Terminal 3 (map) starting on March 29, 2020. The changes reflect the increase in international flights operated by ANA and will further improve convenience for passengers *1 who will now be able to connect to flights out of Terminal 2.

“ANA has expanded its international service in order to meet the growing demand for travel to Japan, and the changes at Haneda Airport will equip us to meet passenger needs,” said Masaki Yokai, Senior Vice President of ANA. “We are excited about the prospect of strengthening our ability to offer convenient and efficient travel to our growing customer base.”

Terminal 3 was formerly known as the International Terminal, and its new name was initially announced in February 2019. Officials at Haneda Airport chose to rename the terminal to simplify the flight experience for passengers. In light of these changes, ANA encourages passengers to check which terminal their flight will depart from before arriving at the airport.

*1 The minimum connecting time (MCT) for domestic to international connections within Terminal 2 will be reduced from 70 minutes to 55 minutes.

* The changes only apply to international flights operated by ANA. International flights and codeshare flights operated by other airlines will continue to use the International Terminal (newly named Terminal 3) and are not included in these changes.

* The above departure terminal table is applicable from March 29 to October 24. ANA will announce the winter schedule in late August 2020.

* The exact starting time on March 29 for international operations out of Terminal 2 has not yet been finalized. ANA will provide notification once the time has been decided.

* The details of arrival terminals are still under coordination and will be announced once determined.

* All ANA domestic flights will continue to use Terminal 2.

With domestic and international flights now at Terminal 2, passengers will no longer need to transfer between terminals to reach their connecting flight. The addition of ANA’s new lounge in Terminal 2 only makes the process more convenient. ANA is committed to enhancing all aspects of the passenger experience.

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