Airline’s logo includes little known symbol and now passengers ‘can’t unsee it’

Logos often surprise people even after years of looking at them while shopping or using a service.

The Travelodge logo left people reeling earlier this year when it was revealed that it does not show rolling hills, as most people assumed, while the Ryanair logo is not a flying woman, but rather an Irish harp.

Well, another hidden secret has been discovered in the logo of the airline Jetstar, reports 7news.

The Australian airline’s logo at first appears to simply be the word Jet in black followed by a bright orange star.

But, it looks like there’s a hidden detail that people have only just noticed.

Eagle-eyed holidaymakers noticed that there’s a secret arrow in between the T and the star of the logo.

It might take you a moment to see it as the arrow is created using the negative space between the two symbols.

But, when seen on the tail of the airline’s plane it points from the T to the star towards the ground or up in the air depending on which side you look at.

On Reddit, people were discussing the unusual spot.

"Has anyone noticed the arrow in the Jetstar logo?" one commenter said

"Now I can’t unsee it. Thanks," another added.

The Jetstar logo was designed back in 2003 and it’s not the only hidden arrow in a logo that people have spotted.

FedEx – the delivery and courier service – has the same hidden arrow in its branding.

Did you know about this hidden design feature? Tell us in the comments…


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