Allow me a little indulgence if you will ·

Allow me a little indulgence if you will…..

Over the last four years, I have been blessed with the best off-sider. no that underestimates, the skills, the beauty and the talent of this incredible young lady. Over the time that I have worked with Kayla, I have not had to think or worry about a thing. I have known Kayla and her family since before she was born. The Sands family from Innisfail played footy with the Babinda team (and my main man Neil), even from a small community the families were well known and it put Babinda on the map. Sport was – and continues to be – a link between family.

Since that time the Sands and the Appos became family, time passed and by coincidence a job opened as receptionist at QTIC. The job closed on the day I caught up with the Sands’ in Brisbane. Mamma Sands mentioned her daughter was looking for a job. The role at QTIC had closed but the office manager was open to an interview with Kayla and history was made!

During her time at QTIC, Kayla worked through her traineeship – a Certificate III in Business Admin. The office manager went out of her way to ensure that Kayla was developing her skills, learning more and more about the industry and most importantly was able to negotiate, problem solve and handle complaints.

Recent research into the tourism and hospitality industry workforce indicates that critical thinking, problem solving and business acumin are missing from graduates into the industry. These skills that have been built through on the job training are transferable to any role, anywhere. Such good news that is as Kayla embarks on her next journey over the rough seas to Canada to share her knowledge and her skills with the world!

That wasn’t where our wonderful girl stopped though…the jump to Canada may have been a little premature. After several years as a deadly receptionist (you remember that one right?!), Kayla moved up (yes up) in the world to become my right hand woman. During this time, Kayla developed briefs, marketing material, organised events, wrote speeches and ensured that my banana bread was warm (just kidding). Her cultural sensitivity, organisational knowledge, and impeccable work ethic was second to none. The skills she learnt across both roles have ensured that she’s ready to hit the world running. As she flies away our hearts will ache, but we know that the skills that she has will arm her for success no matter where she goes and what she does. We know we will watch in awe as Kayla pursues an amazing future….we just hope that she remembers us as her journey soares.

The big question – the light at the end of the tunnel…how do we share our knowledge, but keep it at the same time? How do we ensure that our future bares the light but honours the past. How do we as Elders in our communities, as managers in our roles, as mentors, as family help the future balance our heritage and culture whilst moving with the time? A time old question, a great opportunity!

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