SeaDream's Mediterranean: Corsica ·

SeaDream’s Mediterranean: Corsica

Although recognised as a beautiful destination with a unique culture, Corsica remains relatively unvisited by travellers from other continents. They are missing out on a lot.

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As were other islands of the Mediterranean, Corsica was considered back in the day to be of high strategic importance for seafaring nations and their trade routes. The result on this jockeying for position is still visible on Corsica today. The coastal towns and hilltop fortresses are among the most picturesque sights on the island. Those of Calvi in the north and Bonifacio in the south are among the most outstanding examples.

Calvi, on the northwestern coast of Corsica, is the city closest to mainland France, embracing the same casual lifestyle found on the Côte d’Azur across the water. Cafés, boutiques, markets, and festivals all play their roles in the daily life of the Corsican people, who refuse to surrender their culture to mass tourism. Calvi’s stunning location on a curved bay flanked by a fortress at either end, backed by snowcapped mountains, is one of the most impressive in the entire Mediterranean region. Yes, there is snow on Corsica; there is even skiing in winter. In fact, the island’s varied terrain is ideal for all sorts of outdoor pursuits. The French Foreign Legion thinks so, too; Calvi is the location of the Legion’s 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment, whose members can often be seen dropping from the sky above the bay.


Bonifacio, at the far southern tip of the island, occupies an even more dramatic setting. Built on cliffs high above the water on the very edge of a promontory that provides panoramas of both a sheltered bay and open sea, the city is one of the gems of the Mediterranean. On a clear day, it is possible to see the Italian island of Sardinia across the strait that separates the two islands. A dizzying descent from the clifftop to the edge of the emerald and turquoise waters along The King Of Aragon Staircase is an unforgettable highlight of any visit to Bonifacio.

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