Silversea Executives Share Insight Into New Health Protocols

Silversea President and CEO Roberto Martinoli sent travel advisors a letter and a video about the company’s Healthy Sail Panel, which will develop protocols for healthy cruising after the coronavirus pandemic.

He was joined in the video by Damien O’Connor, Silversea’s senior vice president of hotel operations and onboard revenue.

“As we navigate through these interesting times, we all look towards the day that we return to sailing on our beautiful vessels,” Martinoli wrote. “Recently, Royal Caribbean Group made an announcement in regards to the Healthy Sail Panel, an assembled group of experts that are working on the development of plans on what returning to service will look like. I know that our travel partners are excited to see what they will be recommending.

“I look forward to sharing with you the recommendations from the Healthy Sail Panel as they become available and in turn, you can inform your guests about what we’re doing,” he wrote. “Moreover, I look forward to the day I can welcome yourselves and your guests onboard our luxurious vessels. Until then, it is my hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.”

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