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  • Why use magnetic hooks on cruise ships?
  • Best magnetic hooks for cruises
  • Best cruise storage accessories
  • Cruises serve as your home-away-from-home on the high seas, and with holidays ranging anywhere from three days up to multiple weeks at a time, there are a lot of things to pack. But, there is one handy item that cruise veterans frequently tout among their “must-have” items.

    While there is the option to book one of the larger suites on a ship, generally cruises aren’t known for having shed-loads of storage in the cabins. And with some of the most affordable cabins being on the smaller side, cruisers have come up with some savvy ways to make the most of the space.

    Posting to a Reddit forum dedicated to “must haves on a cruise”, commenters were quick to recommend magnetic hooks. A commenter posting under the username Dry-Student5673 said: “Magnetic hooks – thanks to this group for the tip!! I brought like 10 and used them all! Hanging bathing suits, towels, jewellery, hats…It was so useful!!”

    Most travellers also recommend these magnetic hooks over similar temporary hooks such as command hooks. “Command hooks won’t help much with putting something on the ceiling unless there is a variant I’ve not seen,” wrote a Reddit user posting under the name Monorailmedic.

    “If drying things, you don’t want them against the wall, you want them away from the wall (hanging from the ceiling) so their air circulates. You can easily move magnetic hooks around as needed. While command hooks are usually pretty safe on surfaces, I still don’t love the idea of adhesive on anyone’s walls (especially those which aren’t mine).”

    The added bonus of these hooks is that you there are a number of Amazon shops selling these hooks, and you can purchase a multi-pack for as little as £4.99.

    Why use magnetic hooks on cruise ships?

    Magnetic hooks can be a clever way to boost the storage in your room, allowing you to hang up items of clothing, swimsuits, towels and jewellery. You can also maximise storage by hanging shoe storage or toiletry bags from these hooks.

    The reason magnetic hooks work so well is down to the fact that most cruise ship walls are actually made from metal, meaning the magnets in the hooks stick to the wall with ease.

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    And, unlike command strips or other sticky hooks, they won’t leave a mark behind. Caroline Costello, an expert and contributor for Cruise Critic, explained: “On a cruise, magnetic hooks and door magnets offer an easy, affordable way to engineer a DIY cabin upgrade. Typically, staterooms are seriously lacking hooks, which happen to be the best places for soggy swimsuits and towels.

    “You might get a pair or two in your cabin, but that’s likely not enough for all your bikinis, bags, hats and coats. So pack your own strong magnetic hooks.”

    Best magnetic hooks for cruises

    This pack of six magnetic hooks can be attached to the walls or ceiling of your cruise cabin and is advertised as capable of holding up to 22lbs in weight.

    This pack of six magnetic wall hooks comes in a bright shade of blue, perfect for a holiday at sea. They can hold approximately 22lbs in weight.

    This pack of 10 magnetic wall hooks can hold up to 22lbs in weight, perfect for sticking to the ceiling or walls of your cruise cabin.

    This set of two heavy-duty hooks is perfect for hangings bags and coats from the walls of your cruise ship stateroom. 

    Best cruise storage accessories

    This hanging toiletry bag comes in an array of colours and patterns to add some character to your luggage. The carry handle means it can be hung from a hook for added storage.

    This hanging shoe storage is the perfect place to pop your shoes while on a cruise. With 30 pockets, there is plenty of space, and can also be used to store toiletries or other small items. 

    This hanging bag has zipped pouches to separate our your toiletries and beauty products. The handy hook means it can be hung up for added storage and easy access to your essentials. 

    These hanging packing cubes are perfect for organising your suitcase, but can also be hung up once in your room serving as portable shelves. 


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