Cruise passengers say ‘simple’ £5 item will ‘save’ you from ‘stinky’ cabins

Packing for your cruise holiday, you’re most likely making sure you have all of the essentials to last you for your stint on the high seas and looking forward to the luxury that awaits. But one thing that might threaten to ruin your relaxing ocean holiday is the risk of bad smells.

While cruise cabins are cleaned thoroughly, according to former cruise guests, smaller staterooms are often tarnished from unwanted scents coming from the bathroom. And if you’re hoping for a romantic trip with a loved one or sharing a room with a friend, stinky bathroom smells might ruin the mood a little. That’s why numerous cruise experts and cruise guests recommend popping a small, liquid toilet spray into your luggage – just in case.

Kimberly Coyne, an expert from recommends opting for the brand Poo-pourri. She explained: “Heralded as a relationship saver, the tropical scent before you go toilet spray works magic in small cabins. Your travel companions will thank you when you have one of these in the bathroom. Stop bathroom odours before they begin and be the hero of the cruise.“

Poo-Pourri is made from essential oils and other natural compounds, which coat the surface of the water and, the manufacturer claims, hold in bad odours. Prices vary depending on the size, scent and retailer, but on Amazon can be bought for an average price of £9.98. But they aren’t the only brand out there making discreet and handy toilet sprays ideal for cruises.

On Amazon, you can purchase a discreet toilet spray from Air Wick for just £4.50, or if you’re looking for a more high-end product, Aesop’s Post-Poo Drops, scented with tangerine peel, ylang ylang and mandarine retail for £25.

Toilet sprays and drops are permitted onboard cruise ships, however, if you are flying to or from your cruise holiday and are only taking hand luggage, remember any liquid items must not exceed 100ml. If you are flying, why not try some flight attendant-recommended packing hacks to make the most of your luggage allowance

Does the spray really work? has not tested Poo-Pourri or any other similar products to determine whether the product really works, but plenty of former cruise guests and holidaymakers have shared their reviews on social media.

According to Reddit user Madmariner: “It really works!”

Another Reddit user, posting under the name tionong claimed: “This nugget of knowledge just saved me from so many future stinky cruise cabins stays. It’s so simple, why did it never cross my mind?”

On TikTok, holidaymakers have also dubbed it a packing essential if you’re sharing a room with others. TikTok creator Kirsten Elizabeth said: “This stuff is so strong. All you’ll be able to smell is fresh cleanliness and lemon. You’ll leave no trace behind.”

@kkirstenelizabeth No more “hot girl walks” to the lobby bathroom������ Poop in peace with Poo-Pourri togo. ������ #fyp #travelhack ♬ original sound – kkirstenelizabeth

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