Carnival and Bacardi are testing ecofriendly packaging for spirits

Carnival Cruise Line, Bacardi and Ecospirits have partnered on a new package for spirits that reduces single-use glass, packaging that will be used on a trial basis on several Carnival ships.

The pilot program will determine if reusable containers developed by circular economy technology company Ecospirits can be used to serve Bacardi rum, the line’s most-ordered spirit. The program was launched on three of Carnival’s ships sailing from Miami: the Carnival Celebration, Carnival Horizon and Carnival Sunrise.

Bacardi rum will be transferred from the tote to Ecospirits' automated dispenser, pictured, during a pilot program in select bars on three Carnival ships.

Ecospirits created a version of its patent-pending, closed-loop glass packaging tote specifically for the maritime environment, according to Carnival. Each tote replaces about four bottles of Bacardi rum. The tote is used, cleaned and refilled approximately 100 times.

The rum will be transferred from the tote to Ecospirits’ automated dispenser in select bars on the Carnival ships.

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