Cruise guest says they will ‘happily skip in front of people’ at the buffet

The buffet restaurant on a cruise ship is usually one of the most popular places to eat as it’s included in the cruise fare. However, it can be the scene of drama.

From people taking too much fried chicken to reusing plates or coughing near the food, buffets can be a minefield.

While cutting in line might sound like a huge buffet faux pas, one guest has said they think more people should do it.

On Reddit, ‘Ok-Opportunity-574’ wrote: “There are a variety of choices and different sections to the buffet.

“I’m not waiting for the person in front of me to go through the pasta, salad, hot dishes etc. just to finally get to the section that I’m actually getting food from.

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“Nope. I will happily skip right in front of them to grab food. When everyone waits their turn you end up with one person getting food and multiple others just standing there. Go around the stopped person and keep it moving.”

Another passenger agreed saying: “Yes, it seems to flow better when treated as stations and most are set up that way anyway.”

Buffets will usually have several different sections and it may be more efficient for guests to go straight to the one they need rather than wait in line.

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However, this could cause issues if other passengers believe someone has cut in front of them.

Another person said they found people “not looking where they’re walking” very annoying at the buffet. They wrote on Reddit: “I’ve literally had people walk into me while standing still.”

Cruise ships usually have a variety of restaurants for guests to choose from. Some will incur an extra charge.

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If guests want to dine at a specialty restaurant during their voyage, it may work out cheaper to book it before the holiday.

Guests can book excursions, drinks packages and exclusive experiences before their cruise and may be able to get a better price.

However, guests should be careful booking excursions as they might be able to save money booking with a third party operator rather than the cruise line.

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