A Truly Wild Immersive Art Experience Is Opening in Miami This Year

teamLab, Exhibition view of Every Wall is a Door, 2021, Superblue Miami, Miami, Florida

Miami is already a bright, vibrant, and colorful place — and it’s about to get even more dazzling. 

In December, Superblue, a production company dedicated to putting on public experiential art displays, announced plans to launch its first experiential art center in Miami in early spring 2021. And it’s a sight that must be seen to be believed. 

“We’ve been working with artists creating immersive, boundary-breaking experiential art for decades, and now, with the rapidly growing number of artists working in these media and their accelerating popularity, it became clear that a totally new kind of enterprise was needed to both advance their practices and respond to the growing public interest in them,” Superblue cofounder Marc Glimcher shared in a statement. He added, the company represents “a necessary evolution and disruption of the arts ecosystem, providing artists with the resources they need for realizing their most ambitious ideas and engaging the public in the ways they envisioned, which is so integral to the work itself.”

teamLab, Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – Transcending Boundaries, A Whole Year per Hour, 2017

The company’s first experiential art center will launch in the Allapattah neighborhood directly across from the Rubell Museum. The company explained, its plan is to transform an abandoned industrial building into a “centrally located cultural resource for the South Florida community and visitors to the region.”

The experience will also come with plenty of health and safety requirement, including timed ticketing, controlled visitor capacity, and a single-direction flow through the installations. Additional information about tickets, visitor experience, and health measures will be announced in the coming months as the launch date gets closer.

“The advent of new technologies has spurred a rapid growth in the number of artists innovating with experience-based works over the past decade and completely reinventing the way we understand art and how we engage with it,” Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, former president of Pace London, who serves as Chief executive officer of Superblue, added in the statement. “As artists pioneer these new mediums, audiences are increasingly eager for the dynamic explorations they provide. We see Superblue as a vital addition to the current constellation of arts venues and as a galvanizing force for this movement, and look forward to collaborating with museums, collectors, galleries, municipalities, and other partners in sharing the remarkable experiences Superblue artists create.”

Es Devlin, Rendering of Forest of Us, 2021.

Want a preview of what the space may look like? Check out the company’s website now.

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