These Are the Most Searched Travel Questions Right Now — and We Have the Answers

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The world of travel has always changed at a rapid pace, but never has that been more true than now. Between figuring out where Americans can travel to keeping track of new COVID safety protocols, at times, it can seem like there are more questions than answers.

But what are the most searched travel questions these days? Using Google search data from the last month, Club Med determined what questions are boggling the minds of travelers the most. From basic queries about the existence of travel agents and the best travel credit cards to hot topics like when we can travel again, these are some of the most researched travel questions, along with our answers.

#4: Is it safe to travel right now?

Safety is always a concern when it comes to travel, but these questions usually surround a specific destination. A global pandemic changes things. We recently spoke with medical, aviation, and travel experts to answer the question of whether or not it's safe to fly during the pandemic. Factors they say you should consider include safety protocols, seat spacing, aircraft cleanliness, and flight time. In the end, though, the answer is complicated, full of caveats, and, ultimately, a personal decision.

#3: Is travel insurance worth it?

Leave it to a global pandemic to make people reevaluate the need for travel insurance. The popularity of Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policies has skyrocketed since last year, but there are many factors to consider when choosing travel insurance, including whether or not COVID-related coverage (i.e. unexpected quarantine) is actually part of the deal. Whatever you decide, here are more details on making an informed choice when it comes to travel insurance.

#2: Why is traveling important?

It's not just the travel industry that promotes the benefits of getting out to explore or taking a relaxing vacation. It seems like there's some scientific evidence to back up that claim, too. Recent research has revealed that there are tangible health benefits to going on vacation and traveling in general. Beyond simply having fun, other travel perks include reducing stress, boosting brain power, and improving heart health.

#1: Is travel a hobby?

This probably wasn't what you were expecting for the top travel question right now. Perhaps it's the avid travelers trying to validate their sadness about not going on trips at the moment, or maybe it's the lockdown-weary folks who are ready to prioritize travel once it's possible again. Either way, travel is most definitely a hobby. And apparently, it's so important that 38% of Americans would give up sex to travel right now.

Jessica Poitevien is a Travel + Leisure contributor currently based in South Florida, but she's always on the lookout for her next adventure. Besides traveling, she loves baking, talking to strangers, and taking long walks on the beach. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

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