Learn to Be 'Human' Again While Traveling With Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris wants to help you act like a human again.

The actor has teamed up with the hospitality group Accor to bring the world a few much-need lessons on the basics of "acting human" while traveling in our new post-pandemic world. These lessons include light-hearted etiquette refreshers on how to dress (sorry no sweat pants), plan trips, greet people, have small talk, and how to actually relax because we all seem to have forgotten.

"I think in a tongue-in-cheek way, I'm able to help people transition into a normal travel routine," Harris shared with Travel + Leisure about a serious of new hilarious videos, brought to life thanks to ALL – Accor Live Limitless, Accor's new lifestyle loyalty program that provides travelers with exclusive services and experiences. "Travel around the world is forthcoming and it's good to start anticipating and looking forward to getting out of the box we've been in for well over a year."

Though Harris himself has been lucky enough to travel a bit over the last year for work to places like Berlin, Budapest, and Toronto, he's still excited to explore somewhere new.

"Traveling to new places has always been something that I've been drawn to," he said. "My husband and I have had some of our best experiences doing long trips to places we've never been in. And now that we have kids getting them to have some experiential education is incredibly rewarding."

As for where he wants to go next, Harris is hoping to take his family to Australia to visit the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour.

"I've heard wonderful things about Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane. It's a commitment because it's 14 hours away but I'm sort of jonesing to spend some time over there someday."

Second on his must-see list? A safari across the African continent. "That's a whole other level though," he says. "I'm waiting for our kids to be just the right age to be enthusiastic about the experience."

Really though, any travel will do, because like many of you reading this, Harris knows the importance of travel and its impact on one's soul.

"I think it's really important in one's life to experience different cultures, to feel like an outsider, to recognize that the day-to-day doesn't always revolve around your singular perspective," Harris says. "Whether it's traveling to London or Australia, or whether it's to an entirely foreign country to you where you can't even read the signs, I think there's a lot to be learned."

And the one other lesson Harris is adding to the Accor repertoire: the importance of patience while traveling.

"It's important to not get too overwhelmed by delays because the delays are inevitable. And when the trip is done, you'll forget about the time spent at the airport or the time spent in the car or the time spent waiting. You mostly just remember the things that you got to do. So I encourage people to be kind and to download some content on their device and be patient and sit and enjoy it all."

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