You can go to a real life School of Witchcraft just like Hogwarts this summer

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Now that Brits can see a path out of lockdown ahead of us many are planning a summer of holidays and once-in-a-lifetime activities to make up for the last year.

After all, we’ve hardly been having fun while cooped inside for months on end.

But, if you’re still hesitant about going abroad then you may be looking closer to home in 2021.

And, if you’re looking for a magical experience then the incredible Bothwell School of Witchcraft could be just the ticket.

Especially, if you’ve been waiting for a letter from Hogwarts since you were 11.

Would you stay at this castle and live like a witch or wizard? Tell us in the comments…

Set in the stunning 300 acre estate of Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, England, this 15th Century pile hosts a role-playing event unlike any other.

The entire school and grounds are dressed so that you can take on a character, be sorted into your school house and be taught everything from Alchemy to Magical Creatures.

The website reads: “If you've ever been to a murder mystery before, role playing works in exactly the same way.

“Much like a video game, you will become the central character in your very own story! It's then up to you to decide how you want to interact with the world around you.

“Before the event you will be 'cast' as the character you will become at Bothwell.

“How you interpret your character is entirely up to you, they may be very close to your own personality or wildly different.”

The school has its own magical background based around a wizard who fled the North Berwick Witch Trials in 1590 and founded Bothwell for future generations.

The houses include: House Boyeswick, House Wisenforth, House Tabwen and House MacNewthorn – each of which represent different strengths and traits.

Just like in the Harry Potter world…

The website states: “The Bothwell School of Witchcraft is a place where you can finally live out your dream of becoming a real life student of magic.

“The story, characters, props and scenery will bring our school to life and leave you with an unforgettable experience!

“You'll stay for 4 days, full board, and be sorted into your house, take part in lessons, attend a banquet, explore the grounds and meet weird and wonderful creatures.”

Your robe and tie are provided when you arrive at the school, but the rest of your costume is up to you to create – although a smart pair of trousers or a skirt and a collared shirt are required.

All accommodation and food is included in the form of student halls there’s even a banquet on the final night of each trip.

The school hosts a number of different events each year which hold different attractions.

The Bothwell Classic experience costs £565 for a standard ticket in shared accommodation or £650 for a double room with en-suite.

A couples ticket for a deluxe room costs £1,225 while you can buy a Gold Upgrade for £50 which lets you keep your robe, tie, handbook and a house scarf.

Events at the Bothwell School of Witchcraft may be disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, as they've had to take a hiatus recently, so make sure to email an enquiry if you want to book for this summer.

Plus, remember to check the website to make sure travel rules haven’t changed before you set off for your magical adventure.

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