Worst country in Europe for British expats named

British expats often choose to move abroad to experience a better quality of life. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work out.

In a new ranking from InterNations, one European country was ranked the worst on the continent for new expats.

Expats ranked their home based on key factors including security, personal finance, social life and quality of life.

Norway was rated the worst country in Europe for expats and came just second from bottom in the world rankings.

The Nordic country scored particularly badly on social life, culinary variety and affordability. Almost 40 percent of expats said they didn’t feel at home in Norway.

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Worst countries in Europe for expats

  1. Norway
  2. Turkey
  3. Germany
  4. Italy
  5. Malta
  6. UK
  7. Austria
  8. Denmark
  9. Ireland
  10. Belgium

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Expats found Norway very expensive, with more than three in five saying they found the cost of living high.

Almost 40 percent of expats in Norway said their disposable household income was not enough to lead a comfortable life.

The country also performed badly when it came to social life and was rated the worst in the world for culinary variety.

An expat from the Netherlands said: “The culture is different when it comes to going out, you just don’t meet a lot of people.”

A third of expats felt that local residents were unfriendly towards foreign residents compared to just 18 percent who felt that globally.

However, expats in Norway were pleased with job security and rated the state of the country’s economy highly.

Even if expats don’t enjoy a good social life, many love Norway’s natural beauty. An expat said: “I like the clean environment and how adventurous one can be outdoors.”

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