Europe’s most affordable summer destination named

New research from the expert team at Penfold has found this year’s cheapest summer holiday destination. The winning hotspot has beaches, culture and bargain food.

Europe’s cheapest destinations and daily budget

  1. Turkey (£13)
  2. Poland (£18)
  3. Bulgaria (£23)
  4. Hungary (£28)
  5. Romania (£32)
  6. Croatia (£34)
  7. Cyprus (£40)
  8. Portugal (£50)
  9. Greece (£54)
  10. Spain (£59)

Turkey was this year’s best option for a budget holiday with average daily expenditure just £13 according to Penfold’s research.

The beautiful country is a fantastic option for Britons looking for a relaxing beach holiday under the sun.

Top beach resorts in Turkey include Marmaris, Antalya and Bodrum which are all ideal destinations for families.

Culture vultures might want to head to Istanbul to explore some of the country’s most impressive historical landmarks.

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However, flights to Turkey may be more expensive than those to other destinations such as Spain and Portugal due to the distance.

Once flights are taken into account, Britons might find the overall cost of their holiday to be cheaper in the second most affordable destination, Poland.

Britons might like to visit Krakow, one of the country’s most charming cities, which has plenty of affordable bars and restaurants.

Tourists might be surprised to find that Poland also has some of Europe’s most untouched beaches.

Just a short trip away from Gdansk, tourists will find serene sandy beaches where accommodation is far cheaper than in southern Europe.

Although the weather might not be as reliable as in Spain or Portugal, Britons might be lucky in August.

Bulgaria took third place on the list and could be the ideal destination for Britons looking for a beach break.

Sunny Beach is one of the country’s most popular resort areas, while Britons could head to Sofia for a city break adventure.

Pete Hykin, CEO and co-founder at Penfold, said: “The best way to save money on holidays is through careful research, planning and flexibility.

“Stay informed on exchange rates, consider travelling during off-peak seasons and compare prices for flights, accommodations and activities.

“Embrace the art of budgeting and take advantage of discounts or deals offered by travel providers.

“Remember, a memorable holiday experience doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.”

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