Woman in tears from being ‘strip searched’ at airport after ‘full body surgery’

A woman was left in tears after she was allegedly "strip searched" by security at an airport in Turkey and asked to remove her dressings following full body surgery.

Rhi, who posts online as @rhis991, went viral as she shared a video of herself sobbing after staff had demanded she strip off in the airport and remove the dressings from her cosmetic procedures. The stressed woman, who was trying to board a flight from Istanbul to London, claimed she felt "violated" by the experience as she recounted the story to her 11,000 followers.

In the video, which has gained more than 178,000 likes, she explained: "Two ladies have pulled me into this little room with a curtain and they've literally – I don't I'm so overwhelmed. I don't even know what's just happened.

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"They've just made me take off everything I'm wearing. Obviously, I've got all of my garments on, but they've made me rip open my boobs. I've got dressings on because I've had some bleeding and some fluids leaking from my boobs, but they've made me rip the dressings on off."

She also claimed the women "touched and squeezed her" calling her a "silly girl" and demanding that she "hurry up". She described the search as "intrusive and horrible" before adding further claims in a follow-up clip, that she was refused water on her Wizz Air flight to take her antibiotics and staff allegedly blocked her exit to demand she delete videos off her phone.

In the caption she Rhi wrote: "I felt violated. Girls, please be safe." TikTok viewers were left stunned by the claims as they took to the comments encouraging her to take action against the company.

One user said: "That’s very bad and very wrong. Tell your surgeon. Need to complain to the airport. Everyone here can email." Another added: "I'm so sorry this happened to you."

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Meanwhile, other users who claimed to be on the same flight took to the comments claiming the woman had just "wanted special treatment" after having her cosmetic procedures.

A viewer wrote: "Omg I was in the same plane as her. She was screaming on the plane and recording the flight attendants but they did nothing wrong." Another added: "It's called security babe and I'm sure it was really awful but this is what you chance traveling for surgery."

A Wizz Air spokesperson said: "We are sorry to hear about the experience the customer had when flying with us. The matter has been fully investigated and the customer has received a formal apology."

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