Woman forced to get new passport after going from ‘Kim Woodburn to supermodel’
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    An attractive woman claims she has had to order a new passport with an updated photo after border officials at Turkey didn't recognise her in the documents. She claims that security interrogated her after her transformation.

    Joanne Prophet posted on TikTok, @joanneprophet, to explain the debacle. She told her followers that she was updating the document because her photo no longer looks like her. When she placed her most recent photo next to her old passport photo the difference was remarkable.

    It’s not the first time it’s happened either and Joanne said she kept "getting pulled" by border control since going to Turkey several times – and that she has undergone aesthetic treatments. In her new photo, Joanne’s hair is down and her skin looks glossy and tanned with plump lips.

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    In her old photo, Joanne’s face is less defined, her blonde hair is pilled into a bun and her lips and eyebrows are smaller. The difference between the two is noticeable – and this is likely why Joanne kept being pulled away from the line at passport control.

    Speaking to her fans she said: "The reason why I've had to renew it is because I went to Turkey a couple of times now, as you all probably know, and I got pulled into a room for about an hour. I got pulled into a room for about an hour and got interrogated by about six Turkish men. And so obviously that was a massive concern."

    She added: "Then, when I flew back from Manchester, they had to keep looking at the picture and they said, 'You need to get this rectified because it looks nothing like you and this is probably why you keep getting pulled'."

    Joanne added that her passport snap was "over 10 years old". She said: "So that picture was taken years and years and years ago because I just used the same picture from like my other passport."

    Joanne noted that she had had a "glow up" since the snap was taken, but that it was "legit" her – and captioned the video: "That time i got interrogated by six members of passport control."

    In another video, Joanne explained that she had undergone a nose job in Turkey, chin filler, fat dissolving on her jaw line and chin, skin boosters, lip filler, monthly micro needling, two boob jobs – one in the UK and one in Turkey – and dental work. All of this contributed to her dramatic new look.

    Joanne’s video quickly went viral with over 264,0000 views and 10,000 likes. In the comments, over 100 people commented on her transformation. One woman said: "You went from Kim Woodburn to supermodel."

    While another added: "The Turkish immigration cameras at passport control pick up the slightest change I’ve only had my nose done and they constantly question [me]." Another said Joanne had "reversed ageing".

    "Glow up is insane," another user said while another woman added: "The same thing happened to me because I had so many surgeries."

    Joanne isn’t the only person to have struggled at passport control. Tatiana Lin, a Ukrainian actress was denied entry to Malaysia when on holiday with her boyfriend as she was wearing cosmetics in her passport photo and so looked too different when barefaced.

    Meanwhile, Drag queen, Tomi Grainger, from Australia, was stopped on a holiday to Japan as their facelift and plastic surgery meant they no longer resembled their passport photo.

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