Virgin flight attendant debunks plane myths from drinking water to window covers

A flight attendant has debunked the biggest myths when flying – including the truth about drinking water.

Brodie Capron, who works for Virgin Australia, revealed some of the misleading information going viral on TikTok and debunked a myth about drinking water.

Brodie said: "Is the water safe to drink? Yes it is, it is filtered and it is clean.

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"Why does the window need to be up during takeoff and landing? Because you can see the engine and we can't, so you can let us know when something happens."

Another frequently asked question is about the toilet waste and Brodie said people often mistakenly believe flight passengers just "poop in the sky", with the waste dropping out the plane.

But she said it's untrue and it actually "goes to a sewage tank and gets emptied when landed".

It's also almost impossible to open the plane door mid-flight due to the air pressure and the weight of the door.

"Finally, do you get more drunk when you are in an aircraft?" she addressed the last question.

"Yes because of the lower oxygen percentage in the air and the affects of alcohol are greater so make sure you make good choices when you are flying."

Several flight attendants have previously spoken about their advice on drinking water, tea or coffee on plane.

America-based air hostess Kat Kamalani said the water tanks were never cleaned.

"We rarely, rarely drink the tea or coffee, they come from the same water tank and so when you're drinking that coffee and tea it comes from that hot water and it's absolutely disgusting," she warned.

Betty, another cabin crew member, also said the same thing.

She explained: "Don’t drink the coffee on aeroplanes. It’s the same potable water that goes through the bathroom system."


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