Unexpected items you can pack in cabin bags – from knitting needles to tweezers

Earlier this week, a tattoo artist went viral after inking a design on a stranger's arm.

Now, the scenario might not sound too unusual until you realise he performed the body modification 35,000 feet in the air.

Artist Asher inked the word “hello” on the stranger next to him while on a flight – with the permission of the flight attendant.

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And, having spotted that he was able to bring his tattoo machine and ink into the cabin people were left questioning what other unexpected items passengers can bring on board in their hand luggage.

We all know the general rules of no explosives, no sharp knives or objects and only one litre of liquids split up into 100ml bottles.

But, it turns out there are some weird and wonderful exceptions to the restrictions.

According to the gov.uk site, some sharp objects are permitted in cabin bags.

Passengers flying from the UK are permitted to take both knitting needles and sewing needles into the cabin – despite being sharp those who love to knit can do so in peace while flying.

And, in addition to needles, small scissors with a blade smaller than 6cm are also allowed on-board.

Nail clippers, tweezers and fixed-cartridge razor blades are also allowed in your cabin bag so you don’t need to worry about finding a chemist abroad.

And, it seems that smokers don’t need to miss out as you are allowed to bring safety matches onto a flight as well as a cigarette lighter within your liquid allowance so long as you keep it on your person.

When it comes to electronics, Brits can bring hair straighteners and e-cigarettes on board too.

Though it should be noted that smoking – either cigarettes or vapes and e-cigarettes – is illegal on board all flights and you could be arrested if you do light up on board. (You'll also want to check the rules at your destination, as e-cigarettes are banned in some countries – check with your airline before you travel).

All of your electrical items should be charged before travel as if they do not switch on when requested you may not be allowed to taken them onto the aircraft.

You should also check the restrictions on certain types of batteries with your chosen airline too.

Some surprising sports equipment can be brought into the cabin too such as parachutes and even snooker or pool cues…

However, golf clubs and darts can not.

And, no work tools such as drills, screwdrivers, crowbars or pliers are allowed in your hand luggage.

Water is also counted within your one litre allowance so buy a bottle at the airport instead of bringing your own.

A flight attendant recently revealed that this does not count if the water is frozen though – but not in all cases.

Cabin crew worker Arina Bloom has revealed that you can bring liquid items of more than 100ml onto flights in your bag if you freeze them.

Speaking toInsider , the flight attendant said: “If you have an important liquid that's over 3 ounces [100ml], but you don't want to pay to check a bag, it's worth trying to freeze it so it goes through the security scanner as a solid.

"Even if it melts a little bit on the ride to the airport, it shouldn't be a problem if it's stored properly.”

However, the gov.uk website makes no mention of frozen liquids for either British or EU flights however so if you try this hack it is at your own risk.


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