Tripadvisor's Exclusive New Member Service Could Help You Save Big on Every Trip

Tripadvisor wants you to get the most out of your return to travel. It says it can help you do just that with its new product, Tripadvisor Plus.

The company exclusively unveiled to Travel + Leisure its new product, a $99 annual subscription, promises to "help members become better travelers by saving them money so they can get more from their trips – more experiences, more memories, more travel."

"As a company, we've always believed that travel is transformative. It draws us out into the new and reconnects us with what we love. Travel brings out the best in us and we need it more than ever after this past year," Lindsay Nelson, chief experience and brand officer for Tripadvisor, told T+L . "That's why we created Tripadvisor Plus – an annual subscription product that helps you become a better traveler by saving you money so you can get more out of every trip you take. Anything from staying an extra night at a luxury hotel, splurging on a car service, or booking a private excursion."

The subscription is currently available in the United States and will continue to roll out to international locations later this year. With the subscription, customers will gain access to exclusive savings on hundreds of thousands of hotels around the world, with an average of $350 savings per stay.

Subscribers will also get savings on nearly 400,000 bookable experiences, including tickets, tours, and attractions, access to elite benefits from Hertz rental cars, personalized travel advice from Trip insiders via Tripadvisor Text, and more.

"Tripadvisor Plus has your back by unlocking choice, so you can save more to spend more on what you've been missing, whether a quick weekend away or a postponed honeymoon," Nelson says. See more about the subscription option and what you could be saving here.

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