Trendy Manchester cocktail bar The Washhouse looks just like a launderette

To an everyday passer-by it just looks like a launderette – so much so that many people turn up with their dirty laundry.

But this mysterious Manchester venue hides a secret behind its unassuming exterior, it's actually a bar dishing out cocktails and a unique, mysterious atmosphere.

The Washhouse in Manchester urges prospective customers to "get your detective hat on" and track them down to book.

The venue itself sees sees customers step through a washing machine door to get inside2Chill reports .

The bar’s Facebook page states: “First rule of The Washhouse… You don't talk about The Washhouse. Bookings only.. Get your detective hat on, track our website down and book in online instantly.”

But considering it’s just a stone’s throw from The Arndale Centre, the unassuming building would be easy to casually stroll past.

The bar’s website doesn’t list a menu, but instead a selection of services, from duvet cleaning to ironing – which they "definitely don’t offer".

The bar adds: “We don’t cater for all of your laundry needs and more.

"Our friendly staff won’t take care of your washing and its probably best not to let them loose near a washing machine.

"But, whether you are a local resident or a student, or passing by Manchester, drop in and give us a spin.”

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What’s on the menu?

Cocktails, cocktails and more cocktails.

For those hoping for a glimpse of the menu before you arrive, you can’t.

The website has been kept pretty illusive due to its secret nature, but there’s some pretty vibrant looking drinks being posted on Facebook, and they look delicious.

Some of the cocktails include:

  • Our Dearest Lorrie – A Pisco sour infused with orange, sage and cardamom

  • Pea Super – A vegetal mojito with pea puree, coconut water, coriander and mezcal

  • Coffee Nogroni – A non-alcoholic coffee flavoured negroni with tonic

  • The Suffragette City – Tequila, grapefruit, germanium and lime

In terms of the décor, the atmosphere and the vibe you can expect behind the launderette façade, we don’t want to give too much away.

This Narnia-type experience is one you’ll have to find out for yourself, that’s all part of the fun in discovering a secret bar.

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