Travel expert shares ultimate staycation spot for the end of summer

The staycation became extremely popular in Covid times when international travel was ground to a halt.

Post-pandemic, some Britons are still keen on spending their summers in the UK to keep things easy, accessible and relatively inexpensive.

Mercedes Zach, travel expert at Asaptickets, part of Trevolution Group, spoke exclusively to about why a staycation is perfect for the summer holidays, plus the best place to head this year.

She told “Summer season might be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to go on that well-deserved vacation, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

“Traveling abroad and discovering new lands is always a good idea, however, there are many picture-perfect and budget-friendly staycation spots worth visiting in the UK as well.

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“Choosing a staycation in the UK has many advantages. Not only can you avoid the airport crowds, but you can get there by car or train, which in many cases is more convenient and also cheaper regardless of whether you are traveling with family and friends or going on a solo trip.”

For a “relaxed and memorable weekend getaway in Britain” that “won’t break the bank”, Mercedes urged holidaymakers to head to the Isle of Man.

She said: “Whether you’re looking for an adventurous and active time away or just fancy a quick and peaceful escape somewhere pretty, the Isle of Man is just the right choice for holidaymakers on a budget.

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“Located in the Irish Sea, just an affordable ferry journey away from Liverpool, this one-of-a-kind UK island is known for its timeless charm, vibrant culture, rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes all year round.

“From enjoying boat trips and snorkeling to going on shark tours or taking a long walk around the coastline, there are plenty of things to do around the island that don’t cost a fortune.”

Mercedes recommended checking out one particular location: “And while visiting the vibrant Isle of Man, be sure to spend some time in the island capital, Douglas, a tiny town set on a spectacular bay.”

She even provided a hotel recommendation: “I suggest staying at The Mannin, a stylish new hotel just off the promenade with its own bar and restaurant that offers great seafood and a good central location for exploring the island.

“The prices start from around £120 for a bed & breakfast there, offering a pretty good value for money.”

Tripadvisor describes the Isle of Man as “the most isolated of the British Isles”, with a “captivating culture all its own”.

Some “essential” visits are the Isle of Man Steam Railway, Isle of Man Bus and Rail, Peel Castle, Manx Aviation and Military Museum, and Douglas Bay Horse Tramway.

Mercedes Zach is a travel expert at Asaptickets.

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