Man takes petty revenge on woman touching him with ‘smelly feet’ on plane

A bloke has made social media users laugh after showing how he took revenge on a fellow plane passenger. They had been sliding their "smelly feet" under his seat throughout the journey leaving him frustrated.

Daniel, @danielgreen2426, shared a video of his petty pushback on TikTok – and people actually thought it was a good idea. Pointing the camera down at the area below the seats he showed the woman’s shoeless foot.

He then slowly poured his fizzy drink onto her foot and sock. A large splash hit her big toe and soaked through her footwear.

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The passenger wiggled her toes, but didn’t remove her foot. So he went back to work and continued to drip the soft drink onto her foot.

Then she seemed to rub her foot around underneath the seat against her trainers and next to a bag of chocolate buttons. It seems she was trying to figure out where the wet sensation was coming from and realised it was on her toes.

Eventually, she moved her feet – clearly unsure about why her toes were getting cold, wet and sticky. Daniel wrote: "Woman on the plane behind me kept putting her smelly feet under me… she then stopped."

The video quickly went viral with over 352,000 views. Daniel did turn off the comments – clearly anticipating too many comments to keep up with.

But, over 370 people saved the video to their favourites. So if you stretch your feet out on your next journey beware as some Brits may decide to use the hack for their own use.

It's not the first time a rogue bare foot has horrified fellow plane passengers. A horrified woman revealed how she stopped a passenger putting their bare feet on her arm rest while flying – getting revenge in the process.

The disgusted holidaymaker was in the middle of her journey when she spotted that the person behind her was prodding her arm with her toes. Mum and TikTok creator, @thewandertog, managed to get her to stop the vile act using a cheeky trick.

Filming her trick, the woman showed that she fished out a small ice cube from her in-flight drink and placed it just next to the woman’s foot on the arm rest. As the cube melted it sent icy cold water towards the woman’s bare foot.

The poster said: "This lady’s feet were on my arm rest, occasionally poking me, so I gave her a little ice present. It was tiny but mighty. It worked." As you’d expect, once the lass realised something damp and cold was coating her toes she quickly removed them.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant noted that you should never walk barefoot through the plane. She said: "Walking throughout the aircraft barefoot or even with socks is disgusting".

Leysha Perez, a regional flight attendant, told Insider: "It's not water that you're seeing on the bathroom floor sometimes. It's probably bodily fluids that you're walking in."

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