Top travel trends 2023 – including giving up takeaways to boost holiday budget

The top travel trends for 2023 have been revealed – and include cutting back on takeaways and meals out to afford a holiday, and travelling with parents or family members to help share the cost.

Nearly a quarter of Brits (23%) hope to take two trips in the coming year, with 61% considering a holiday essential for their mental wellbeing, according to a poll of 2,000 adults.

The most common steps people are willing to take to boost the holiday budget include not buying new clothes (36%), and socialising less frequently (21%).

New destinations are on the radar for 34%, while a fifth see travelling abroad as a way of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Exploration holidays are at the forefront of the mind for the over-55s, while 64% of those aged 25 to 34 are all about the beach.

A spokesman for London Luton Airport, which commissioned the survey to identify the travel trends of 2023, said: “Last year saw a continued rise in demand for air travel, with over 13 million leisure and business passengers travelling through London Luton Airport.”

More than half (51%) of the over-55s are keen to visit locations off the beaten track now they are fully able to travel again.

Nearly two-thirds of this generation find multi-destination holidays the most appealing – while those aged 18 to 24 are keen to choose something with a bit more adventure.

A voyage of self-discovery is the key agenda for 14%, while the younger generation – those aged 18-24 – admit they will be looking for love (15%).

But with the cost-of-living crisis looming over us all, half of respondents (49%) have rethought their holiday plans for the year ahead, with 23% opting for cheaper destinations.

More than four in ten of those polled, via OnePoll, will only be looking at offers and deals as a way of managing to pay for their vacation, while 28% plan on booking each holiday component separately to get the best price.

It also emerged nearly a fifth (19%) are considering going away with family members, to keep the costs down.

Thinking ahead, 27% already have a dedicated savings pot for next year’s holiday, while 22% typically do this more than a year in advance.


  1. Sunshine, not Spaghetti – People are picking exploring over eating, as they plan on cutting down on meals out and takeaways to afford a holiday abroad.
  2. Savvy sightseeing – Looking for ways to decrease the cost of a trip, people will be using money-saving methods, like cashback services, or great offers or deals.
  3. Empty Nest Explorers – The over-55s want to travel the world and visit new and exciting destinations, while looking for a complete culture shock.
  4. Boomerang Travellers – Not wanting to take risks, people will be revisiting destinations this year as opposed to new ones, as they know it will be good value for money.
  5. Transformative travels – People will be using their holiday to reconnect with themselves, and incorporate the growth from their trip into their day-to-day life.
  6. Set-jetting – Travelling to destinations that have been featured in well-known TV shows or films will be popular.
  7. Budget Brady Bunchers – Travelling with parents or family members is a serious option for some to help with sharing the cost of a holiday.
  8. Ruby Slippering – People have made the decision to choose to travel in their home country, rather than take a trip further afield.
  9. See, Eat, Lay – Seeing local landmarks, trying local cuisine, and relaxing on the beach, are the most sought-after holiday activities.
  10. Sunshine saving – Putting money aside to afford a holiday abroad in the future is the only way for some travellers.

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