Save up to £500 on Center Parcs school holiday stays with handy hack

A holiday break to Center Parcs sounds like the perfect relaxing way to spend the school holidays – until you look at the price.

While the outdoorsy holiday parks are perfect for families with plenty of fresh air, swimming, cycling and fun activities like archery and bowling the cost can be eye-watering.

Of course, there are plenty of cheaper deals to be found around the UK Center Parcs sites which can benefit families with toddlers many Brits are limited by school holidays.

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But, it seems there’s a hack which could knock a whopping £500 off your break and make the expense more realistic.

Which is perfect, because we love the forests, cycling paths and rapids at Center Parcs and want our kids to feel the same nostalgia when they grow up.

It seems that summer holidays around the different nations in the UK don’t always align.

Various counties also have different summer holiday dates which means that Center Parcs in different areas may be priced differently.

BirminghamLive reports that school holidays in the area are a week earlier than those in Devon.

And February half terms can be different in Birmingham compared to other counties.

They stated: “In Birmingham the break runs from February 20 to 24, 2023, but most other local authorities have theirs the week before (February 13 to 17) so that could be a great time to bag a bargain.”

And, in Wales kids go back to school three days earlier than those in the Midlands.

So, if you check your children’s term times for the summer holidays, Christmas break or half-terms you may find that there are dates when most of the rest of the country are back at school.

These are the golden spots where you may find a deal.

For example, BirminghamLive found that a four-day break in a new-style woodland lodge in Elveden Forest in Suffolk costs £1,149 from February 13 to 17, when most of the schoolchildren are on holiday.

However, the same break from February 20 to 24, when Birmingham schools are off, costs £619. That's a saving of £530.

This is for two adults, a child and a toddler. Interestingly, in the following week (February 27) when all the kids are back at school, the price drops down to £389. Find out more on the Center Parcs website here.

And you can save £400 on a break at Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. It costs £1,099 to go from February 13 to 17, but the price is reduced to £699 from February 20 to 24, 2023.

The same four-day break costs £759 at Longleat Forest in Wiltshire (£1,099 for the week before) and £799 at Whinfell Forest in Cumbria (£949 the week before).

So get googling to find your cheapest possible dates at the beginning or end of the school holidays…


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