Top nudist beaches in the UK where cheeky Brits can enjoy naked summer trips

Lockdown restrictions are finally easing, which means Brits can start planning their UK holidays for this summer.

However, if you don't quite fancy a trip to Butlins or Centre Parcs, why not go for something a bit different.

Cheeky Brits looking to let loose and enjoy a naked trip to the beach are being offered a list of the best naturist beaches across Great Britain.

The travel experts from My Baggage have explored 11,000 miles of British coastline to reveal five of the most popular spots among people who are prepared to bare all and brave the Great British weather.

It is perfectly legal to be naked in public across England, Scotland, and Wales.

However, it does become an offence if it can be proved the person stripped off intended to upset, shock, cause fear or alarm.

Technically, this means that people can sunbathe in the nude on any beach. But the experience is much more likely to be a relaxed and comfortable one on designated beaches that are non-judgmental about bare bottoms.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the top nudist beaches to choose from.

1. Sillery Sands, Devon

Whilst this beach might take a while to get to, it is well worth it for the secluded space and stunning views.

Located just east of Lynmouth, naturists tend to stay at the north-eastern end of the beach, which has a sandy stretch at low tide and boulders and shingle below the cliffs throughout the day.

2. Black Rock Naturist Beach, Brighton

This beach is set just a mere five minutes away from Brighton town centre and the nudist beach is one of the most accessible in the country.

The 200-yard stretch of the beach reserved for naturists is at the eastern end of the town, a stones-throw from the marina.

There was much controversy when this spot opened in the 1980s, but today it is one of the most popular naturist beaches in Britain.

3. Crakaig Beach, North Scotland

People brave enough to bare all in the cold should definitely give Crakaig Beach a visit.

The beautiful sandy beach is set on the remote north-west coast of Scotland and backed by low sand dunes and fields.

It is one of only a handful of beaches in Scotland solely dedicated to being a designated, naturist beach.

The section of the beach that welcomes nude people also has a river, with a pool wide enough to go swimming in.

4. Studland Beach, Dorset

Whilst this beach has a nudist area, those seeking solitude should probably pass on this pretty beach as it is extremely popular on sunny days.

This south-east facing sun trap is regularly patrolled by National Trust wardens to ensure the beach stays clean and naked people don’t stray outside the designated areas.

The nudist beach is marked by posts in the middle mile of a three-mile-long sandy stretch, which is backed by sand dunes and heather – best not to get confused though!

5. Swale Naturist Beach, Kent

This beach is a short distance away from the popular sunspot, Leysdown beach and is a 250m meter stretch solely designated to naturists.

Swale Naturist Beach has a mixture of sand and shingles, a large grassy area and boasts a beautiful view of the coastline.

A lot of naturists set up camp on the grassy area, as it offers a little bit of shelter.

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