Thorpe Park gives first glimpse of new rollercoaster set to be UK’s fastest
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    Theme park fans are set for the most exciting news of the year as Thorpe Park has given an inside peek at its new rollercoaster. The ride will be both the tallest and fastest in the UK when it opens in 2024.

    The brand spanking new coaster is code-named Project Exodus and will open in the park at some time next year. The Surrey-based attraction does not yet have a confirmed launch date though so keep your eyes peeled.

    Thankfully, for those eager to get a look at the new ride the park has released a new video. It shows the thrilling ride’s layout, speed and major height in a point-of-view clip that makes you feel like you’re on the ride (almost).

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    Mack Rides built the rollercoaster which will stand at 236ft (that’s 71.9m) tall. It will beat out the current tallest coaster in the UK The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – if only by 1ft.

    Plus, the hypercoaster is said to be majorly fast reaching 81mph. That’s faster than the Stealth which holds the current speed record of 80mph.

    Not only is the rollercoaster tall and fast but it includes three inversions (that’s where you go upside-down). These include a loop where you’re flipped upside down as you come out of a turn, a dive loop and an “Immelmann” – which is a hill climb followed by a half-loop and then a 180 into the opposite direction.

    Apparently, the first inversion has never been done on a rollercoaster before. Project Exodus is the first major rollercoaster to be added to Thorpe Park since the Swarm in 2012.

    Construction is apparently already underway with the foundations laid. Fold supper columns have been delivered to the site, reports The Coaster Kings.

    A spokesperson for Thorpe Park said in 2021: "Thorpe Park Resort aims to continue to invest in the Park’s attractions to encourage more people to return to the Resort now that the tourism industry has re-opened,” it said.

    "This key investment and the introduction of new attractions is critical to the Resort’s recovery from the Covid-related impacts on the business.

    "With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we are proposing to add an exciting new rollercoaster to Thorpe Park Resort’s portfolio of world-class attractions."

    In a teaser clip posted on X, Thorpe Park resort revealed a look at the rollercoaster. People in the comments went wild for the shots of the "epic" new ride.

    One person asked: "How does it feel knowing you're going to have the best coaster in the UK by a country mile? (not that you don't already have that – gotta love Stealth after all)."

    The social media page answered: "To be honest, bit smug, can’t lie."

    Another person wrote: "Tallest and fastest… bring it on!” While a third noted: “Can't wait to give it a ride I do love a Mack rollercoaster."

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