This Tiny California Cabin Is Inside an Ancient Volcanic Crater — and Its Glass Walls Let You Take in the View

Taking a vacation where you can get back to nature is an excellent way to unplug. And this off-grid Airbnb is perfect for outdoorsy, adventure-seeking people.

This small, glass and redwood cabin near Barstow, California is not your typical off-grid locale. Not only does this triangular, glass-sided design make it a modern, unique place to stay, it's also located in the middle of a 10,000-year-old volcanic crater.

"Get back to the basics here and realize what's truly essential when living off-grid. Who knows, you might be relaxing barefoot in the volcanic sand around your tiny house," it says on the Airbnb listing.

Volcanic Off-Grid Log Cabin Airbnb in Newberry Springs, California

There is no plumbing and no power, but there are shades for the cabin's all-glass siding to keep it cool during the day and a breezeway for ventilation. Since there isn't a "bathroom," guests will need to use a compost latrine, where there is also a place to bathe. The property owner notes that guests should bring a lighter for a fire and an ice chest for longer stays. There is a double bed inside the cabin, which is a slightly more elevated experience compared to sleeping in a tent.

Volcanic Off-Grid Log Cabin Airbnb in Newberry Springs, California

Beyond sleeping arrangements, there is also a lot to do for people who love the outdoors: hiking, observing wildlife, photography, or just enjoying a quiet place in the desert that's not too close to the noisy city. There are lava tubes, fields, caves, and more interesting geological phenomena to explore, too.

Although it's fairly remote, guests can find whatever they need in Barstow, and the cabin is about two and a half hours away from both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Volcanic Off-Grid Log Cabin Airbnb in Newberry Springs, California

Nightly rates begin at $120 and there is availability beginning in April, at the time this article was written.

For more information or to make a booking for this unique stay, visit the Volcanic Off-Grid Log Cabin listing on Airbnb.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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