This Pet Brand Is Making Litter Boxes and Cat Scratchers Into Actual Pieces of Decor

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Tuft & Paw couldn’t have entered my life a moment too soon. And if you’re also the type of person who abhors the idea of compromising your carefully curated home aesthetic (hi, Brooklyn street trash) with random plastic, brightly-colored pet toys, litter boxes, and cat scratchers, then welcome to the world of actually attractive pet accessories.


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After browsing the internet’s mostly lackluster collection of litter box hiders and pretty pet beds, Tuft & Paw introduced me to The Grove, a stool-like cat tower that rivals those carpet-lined ones you see at every pet supply store. This modern piece of pet furniture opened my eyes to a world where my cat’s favorite things and mine could coexist.

To buy:, $499

Having been actively looking for a new litter box for my kitty (which involved actual Google searches with the words “chic litter box”), I decided to try Tuft & Paw’s Cove Litter Box. I appreciated the clean, all-in-one, minimalist approach to it’s design, but my real obsession came after my cat put it to use.

We both enjoy the surprising level of privacy offered by the Cove’s add-on partition, but the most impressive part is that my cat, Fat Lou, fits comfortably inside with no constraints while the box itself fits snugly under a shelf in my tiny apartment. The Cove looks more like a nice storage bin than anything, so no one’s ever wise to its true purpose and Lou gets to do his business comfortably.

To buy:, $149

Tuft & Paw’s selection of cozy beds come in a range of different textures, sizes, shapes, and materials, so there’s absolutely one to suit both your cat’s and your styles. In addition to lounge and litter accessories for your cat, the brand has a range of cat scratchers that not only continue to sell out over and over again (like the reversible Happy Camper), but are pieces you may actually want to display in your home.

To buy:, $229

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