‘This is brilliant’ Motorhome tips to get the perfect vehicle for a trip

Million Pound Motorhomes: Expert offers tour inside vehicle

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Channel 5’s Million Pound Motorhomes explored some of the luxury options Brits can choose to pimp out their home on wheels. The programme included tips from motorhome enthusiasts to get the perfect vehicle for a trip.

Celebrities love motorhomes because “you don’t have to put on any airs and graces,” said one interviewee.

Television presenter, Dominic Littlewood, was featured on the show and fondly recalled the family motorhome holidays he went on for every family holiday as a child.

He told viewers: “I want a vehicle I can go away for a weekend with the Missus in,” adding that he was seeking one he could also take longer European trips in.

The journalist and presenter trialled a vehicle and shared some “brilliant” tips he discovered with viewers.

After arriving at his first destination, he said: “This is brilliant. The first thing you’d ever do is get your roof up because you just want the extra room to stand.

“Now this one’s got a very clever design because this one’s actually got a bed but obviously you only want that down at night time so in the meantime you have space.”

The motorhome Dominic trialled was worth £45,000 but the vehicles can cost up to £85,000.

“That’s where me and the Missus will be staying. I could definitely see me and the Missus enjoying this,” said Dom in the sleeping area.

As well as an extendable roof, Dom recommended viewers choose a motorhome with a good toilet system.

He said: “Let’s check out the lavvy. We were all banned from using the toilet in our motorhome because Dad didn’t want to have to empty it.”

Dom recalled a time when he sneakily used the motorhome toilet and his father was furious but never found out.

Visiting a campsite with toilet facilities is a good idea if motorhome owners don’t want to have to empty lavatories.

The journalist loved his trip. He said: “I would really love to have a motorhome right now. It’s nice and compact.”

Checking the size of the vehicle was another important tip shared with viewers on the show.

Dom said: “Don’t forget, you’ll pay by the size of the vehicle when you go on ferries and things like that.”

For a cheaper bargain when buying a motorhome, viewers were told that a second hand vehicle was a great choice.

Writer and singer Delilah Jay shared her extremely unique home on wheels.

Delilah’s face can be seen from all sides of the motorhome – even the “derriere,” said the motorhome enthusiast.

The writer has also added personal touches to the inside of the motorhome, including golden taps.

Second-hand vehicles are cheaper to purchase than new but Delilah warned that maintenance can cost a lot.

Delilah purchased her motorhome for £49,000 and then spent a whopping £20,000 on maintenance and repairs.

“Just take the plunge and do it,” said one of the show’s motorhome enthusiasts, after he travelled the world in his vehicle.

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