'There was uproar' – Irish woman unable to fly home to nephew's christening after WOW Air collapse

An Irishwoman who had planned to travel home for her baby nephew’s christening in Sligo has had her plans cancelled due to the collapse of WOW Air.

Denise Riordan, who has been living in the United States for 20 years, told independent.ie that she had planned the trip home three months ago to see her new baby nephew for the first time at the family reunion.

Her flight was due to leave Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) yesterday, stop over in Iceland and arrive in Dublin just after 9am this morning – but was cancelled late last night.

If she wants to rebook flights today, it will cost her up to €1,800.

“We were due to take the flight at 7.05pm yesterday, we were all lined up to board – half of the people were already on board the flight,” she said.

“Then a man came up to the people who were checking our boarding passes – it turned out that it was a pilot – and he said: ‘You can’t let these people board, you need to tell them there are operational issues’.”

“We were told that the flight would be delayed for two hours, then it was delayed until 11pm and then it was cancelled.”

“They said that there will be further information today and asked if we have any questions.

“There was uproar, of course we have questions!”

Denise, originally from Donegal, said that there were other Irish people booked onto her flight – some with children – along with people travelling to Iceland and some American tourists who were planning to begin a trip to Europe from Dublin.

Luckily Denise lives close to BWI airport so she could return home.

But she said that her family were devastated to learn that she wouldn’t be home to visit her sister Aideen Adams, who lives in Carney, Co Sligo.

“I have a brand new nephew – Ollie – who is six months old. I was planning to go to the christening and there was a family reunion planned.

“It was the first time i was going to meet him.

“I honestly don’t know if I will be able to go now, I was looking up flights and they are between $1,300 and $1,800 – I cant really justify that.

“My family are annoyed, disappointed, surprised. They said: ‘We thought we were going to wake up and that you were in Dublin and had picked up the car to drive to Sligo.'”

“It’s not fun at all.” 

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