The top 10 places in Europe Britons want to go on holiday this summer

The top 10 places in Europe Britons most want to go on holiday this summer revealed – and it’s Mallorca that’s No.1

  • Expedia ranked the destinations by comparing 2023 hotel searches to last year
  • Five countries make the list – Spain, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands and Turkey  
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The top 10 European destinations that Britons want to jet off to this summer have been revealed – and it’s sunny Mallorca that takes the top spot. 

The ranking is based on hotel searches made via for holidays taking place between June and August. 

Mallorca is one of four Spanish destinations that make the ranking, along with holiday hotspots in Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and Turkey.  

Scroll down to see all 10, listed in reverse order… 


One Tripadvisor reviewer declared Istanbul, pictured, as a city that’s both ‘ancient and modern’ 

Often referred to as a place where east meets west for its geographical location, Istanbul is a city that sprawls across both Asia and Europe.

It is also a cultural melting pot of more than 15million people, as well as the 51million tourists that visit each year, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Highlights listed by Tripadvisor include the Hagia Sophia Mosque, exploring the Sultanahmet district, catching a boat along the Bosphorus, and getting lost in the Grand Bazaar.

‘There are so many cliched phrases used to describe Istanbul – ancient and modern, where east meets west, old world blended with new world – and they are all true,’ wrote Tripadvisor user ‘sarikanarya’.


One Instagram-baiting spot in Santorini is the village of Oia (above). ‘You will struggle to find a more stunning spot in the Cyclades,’ says Lonely Planet

Santorini sits on the rim of a ‘sea-drowned volcanic crater’ that was created by a ‘huge’ volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, Lonely Planet explains. 

The guide describes the isle, which is one of the Cyclades islands, as ‘the supermodel of the Greek islands, a head-turner whose face is instantly recognisable around the world’. 

Once you arrive there, the tourist board recommends that you explore the isle’s ‘wild, untamed’ beaches and learn about its history in museums such as the Archaeological Museum of Fira. 

One of many Instagram-baiting spots is the hilltop village of Oia (above), where houses are carved into the volcanic rock of the crater. ‘You will struggle to find a more stunning spot in the Cyclades,’ says Lonely Planet. 


The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is famed for its bright yellow trams (above) 

‘One thing is certain – all the time in the world won’t be enough to enjoy everything there is to see and do in the capital. Make your choice and let Lisbon blow your heart away.’

This is the introduction to Lisbon from the city’s tourist board, which recommends visiting the ‘iconic’ Praca do Comercio square and lounging on the ‘idyllic beaches’ of Arrabida and Sesimbra.

The Portuguese capital is also famed for its bright yellow trams. Hop aboard Tram No.28, which takes visitors ‘through the prettiest historic and residential quarters of the city’, the tourist board reveals. 

Tripadvisor reviewer ‘TSchenk’, who explored the city with his wife, described the destination as ‘a wonderful, ancient city’, adding: ‘We are both avid hikers, and we really enjoyed exploring this historic city mostly on foot. The food, especially the seafood, is unbelievable.’


Tenerife is an island of ‘extraordinary beauty and diversity’, says Lonely Planet

Number seven on the list is the ‘striking’ isle of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, which attracts more than six million travellers a year, Lonely Planet reveals. 

The site says that there are four ‘unmissable’ places to visit – Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Puerto de la Cruz city; La Laguna old town; and Garachico, where you can swim in natural pools.

Tenerife’s most famous spots offer ‘Brit-infused revelry and clubbing combined with white sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts’, Lonely Planet says.

It continues: ‘Get your explorer’s hat on and step beyond the tourist spots and you’ll discover an island of extraordinary beauty and diversity, with remote mountain-ridge villages, cultured port settlements and charming ancient towns.’


Malaga’s coastline offers 14km (eight miles) worth of beaches. Above is the city’s Malagueta Beach

‘The 1960s may have brought mass tourism to the surrounding region, but Malaga is no resort town,’ says Rough Guides, adding that you’ll see more local people than tourists at this Spanish holiday destination.

The guide recommends visiting the city’s historic centre, ‘gorging’ on food at the Mercado Central, and walking along its ‘gorgeous’ coastline, which offers 14km (eight miles) worth of beaches.  

Malaga is also where Pablo Picasso spent his early childhood, the Spanish tourist board reveals, and you can retrace his steps with a walking tour of the city. 


On Rhodes, Rough Guides recommends visiting the ‘ravishing’ village of Lindos, which is crowned by an ancient acropolis 

‘Rhodes is deservedly among the most visited of all Greek islands,’ says Rough Guides.  

The site recommends heading to Prassonissi beach – ‘one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe’ –  and to the ‘ravishing’ hillside village of Lindos, which is crowned by an ancient acropolis. 

Another highlight is Symi Island which can be visited on a full-day boat trip, Tripadvisor reveals. 

Reviewer ‘Lenny0911’ wrote on the site: ‘What an amazing island… the buildings in the town are so colourful and the view coming into the harbour of the town is spectacular. The beaches and coves are fabulous.’


Explore the canals and tilting buildings of Amsterdam, which ranks fourth  

‘Golden Age canals lined by tilting gabled buildings are the backdrop for Amsterdam’s treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops and hyper-creative drinking, dining and design scenes.’

So says Lonely Planet of the popular Dutch city, which ranks fourth in the Expedia list. 

The guide recommends exploring the Van Gogh Museum, home to the ‘world’s largest’ collection of the painter’s work, and Vondelpark, a city park that’s described as ‘Amsterdam’s favourite playground’.

A tour of the Anne Frank House is one of the city’s ‘most profound experiences’ while the Rijksmuseum is the country’s ‘top treasure house’, Lonely Planet adds.


Barcelona’s ‘unmissable’ sights include La Sagrada Familia church and Park Guell (above) 

Ranking in third place is the ‘enchanting seaside city’ of Barcelona, which boasts ‘boundless culture, fabled architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene’, Lonely Planet reveals. 

According to the travel guide, ‘unmissable’ sights include La Sagrada Familia church and the Park Guell as well as the city’s ‘fabulous’ Barceloneta beach. 

Tripadvisor reviewer ‘Resorteye’ described the beach as a ‘beautiful’ stretch of sand with ‘room for long walks, people watching and sunsets’.


‘Soaring cliffs, sea caves, golden beaches, scalloped bays and sandy islands draw over four million visitors to the Algarve each year,’ Lonely Planet says 

The Algarve in Portugal is ‘refreshingly undeveloped’, says Lonely Planet, which might be why it ranks second place in Expedia’s top 10 European destinations of 2023.

‘Soaring cliffs, sea caves, golden beaches, scalloped bays and sandy islands draw over four million visitors each year,’ Lonely Planet continues. 

The destination is ‘surrounded on two sides by the Atlantic’ and is a ‘paradise’ for surfers, the guide adds.


Discover the remote mountains and soulful hill towns of Mallorca (above)  

Gold-medal-winning Mallorca is described as the ‘ever-popular star of the Mediterranean’ by Lonely Planet.

The guide continues: ‘Mallorca has a sunny personality thanks to its ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful hill towns.’

On a visit, Time Out recommends stopping by the ‘enchanting’ seaside village of Deia, hopping aboard the vintage train from Palma to the town of Soller and going for a wine tasting in the island’s Binissalem region. 

You can also check out the landmark La Seu cathedral in Palma, which houses 61 stained-glass windows. ‘Inside there are some beautiful spots where the sun catches the colour in the windows perfectly,’ wrote Tripadvisor reviewer ‘SB01’. 

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