The new tool for landing cheap 5-star hotel stays around the world

Revealed: The new tool for landing cheap 5-star hotel stays around the world – with prices from just £90

  • Kayak’s new ‘5-Star Steals’ tool helps travellers enjoy ‘luxury stays for less’
  • The tool reveals the best times to book and the best months to travel 
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If you’re dreaming of a luxury holiday but funds are limited, you’re in luck – a new tool for finding cheap five-star hotel stays has been launched. 

Travel site Kayak’s new ‘5-Star Steals’ tool reveals ‘where travellers can enjoy luxury stays for less’ around the world – with five-star hotel room rates starting at just £90 a night.

In creating the tool, Kayak analysed prices for five-star hotels in the most searched destinations worldwide by British Kayak users, thus determining where the cheapest luxury stays can be found. 

The new tool shows key information on the best times to book and the best months to travel, as well as highlighting cities that have seen prices drop or increase for five-star hotels. 

Kayak’s interactive map lets customers see the prices of five-star hotels in certain locations across the globe – travellers can simply tap their desired location and see the average price of a hotel per night, as well as the average customer rating. 

Travel site Kayak’s new ‘5-Star Steal’ tool reveals where travellers can find cheap five-star hotel stays around the world 

Using the tool, Kayak has revealed the top five cities in the world where travellers can bag a bargain five-star hotel stay in October and November 2023.  

The cheapest destination of all is Colombo, Sri Lanka, where the average price for a double room is just £90 a night. 

It’s followed by the Polish city of Gdansk in second place – there, a five-star hotel room is just £91 a night, on average.  

Travellers can also enjoy a £94-a-night stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (third) and a £99-a-night stay in Bogota, Colombia (fourth). 

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, the average price for a double room in a five-star hotel is just £90 a night 

Travellers visiting Alexandria, Egypt (above), this winter are in luck – they can bag a five-star hotel stay for as little as £101 a night  

Or travellers can stay in a five-star hotel in Alexandria, Egypt (fifth), for just £101 a night. 

It comes as Kayak search data shows that, despite the cost of living crisis, searches for five-star hotels are up 30 per cent compared to last year. 

Annie Wilson, Kayak’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented: ‘Our data shows that travellers really crave the thrill of travel and are willing to spend on luxury experiences, even in this economy. 

‘But looking for luxury doesn’t mean you want to get taken on a ride paying for it – which is why we’ve developed an interactive map that allows travellers flexibility to find unforgettable stays that fulfil their luxe desires at a great price.’


These cities are home to five-star hotels at Kayak’s lowest average prices for double rooms in October and November:

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka – £90 for a double room

2. Gdansk, Poland – £91 for a double room

3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – £94 for a double room

4. Bogota, Colombia – £99 for a double room

5. Alexandria, Egypt – £101 for a double room

Source: Kayak 

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