Hotel guest ‘given uniform’ after removing towels from sunbeds every morning

We Brits tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to sunbeds on holiday. Either you wake up at 6am to bag the best spot or you sleep in and rage at all the reserved, yet empty, loungers.

In fact, this year, holidaymakers have already shared how they got their revenge on sunbed hoggers, while others have even been seen racing to the loungers in running gear.

But, one bloke claims he was so infuriated at never being able to get a sunbed to relax on that he decided to dump all of the towels off the beds each morning. Plus, he was even given legitimacy when a hotel worker gave him a uniform to wear while doing so!

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Garfield claims that the hilarious scenario happened while he was on holiday on the Spanish island of Majorca. But, it made his holiday very memorable.

Speaking to the Daily Star he explained: "Quite a few years ago we went on holiday to Majorca in a five-star hotel. Every day we were not able to get a deckchair by the pool.

"[My] wife has a disability so it helps. There were signs around the pool asking not to reserve the chairs."

After several days without the ability to lounge by the pool Garfield says he had had enough. The holidaymaker decided to take things into his own hands.

He told the travel team: "[On the] fourth morning I went down and removed the towels all onto one chair. The next morning [I] did the same and a hotel employee was watching me do this. "

The morning after that the staff member surprised him with a gift. It certainly made it easier to clear the sun loungers.

Garfield noted: "The employee gave me a hotel uniform. This made it kinda official. When approached by raging tourists I just ignored then and pointed to the signs. Made my stay one to remember."

He's not the only person who decided to take their hotel's sunbeds into their own hands. Thom and Lisa had jet off from Australia to the gorgeous island of Bali, Indonesia. But, they were disappointed when they woke up early to discover someone had already taken all the sun loungers by the pool.

They waited nine hours for one such family who had taken the best spot to return to their sunbeds and decided to snag them when they still hadn't arrived. Only for the family to then turn up.

Thom said: "We woke up this morning, noticed towels already placed on the afternoon shade sunbeds. We went about our day and eventually arrived at the pool at 1pm to the beds untouched, nobody in sight.

"At 2pm we told pool staff we were moving the towels as nobody had been on them. We then waited until 3:30pm for them to eventually arrive and the realisation that their spots are gone, iPads and books in hand was priceless."

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