The Holiday Guru answers travellers' questions

We are planning to travel to America on July 2 for my brother’s wedding. Is there any way we can go? The Holiday Guru answers travellers’ questions

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions.

This week issues tackled include the rules for travelling to America and Cunard cruise refunds.

Q. I have a holiday booked to Gibraltar in August. I have had both Covid jabs. Will I be able to hire a car and go on a day trip to Spain? 

Bob Richards, via email.

A reader asks the Guru if they can take a day trip to Spain from Gibraltar (above)

A. Yes, you could go as entry restrictions/tests for UK visitors to Spain no longer apply — jabs or not. Gibraltar will also allow you to return (visit However, because you will have visited Spain, an amber list country (Gibraltar is green), you may have to go into quarantine on return to the uk, if the Government does not introduce its proposed exemption for fully vaccinated travellers in time.

Q. In July, we are due to drive to Germany from the Hook of Holland. Will we be allowed to travel through Holland for three hours not stopping or getting out? We’ve both had two jabs. 

Ron Goodwin, Torbay, Devon.

A. Not unless rules change in the Netherlands, which is not allowing non-EU residents to visit for non-essential reasons. See

Q. We are planning to travel to America on July 2 for my brother’s wedding. Is there any way we can go? 

Kirsty Yates, via email.

A. Not now. The only way is to travel to a country from which the U.S. accepts tourists and stay there for 14 days before flying — a complicated procedure.

The Guru confirmed at the moment it’s not possible to travel from the UK to the U.S.

Q. We paid a £5,000 deposit for a Cunard cruise around New Zealand, plus a rail journey across Australia in December, arranged as a package by Imagine Cruising. The final balance of £13,000 is required next month, but ministers in Australia say travel will not be open by then. We clearly cannot go but are being told we must pay the balance or lose our deposit. It is causing us sleepless nights. Any advice? 

Gwyneth Lewis and Colin Sanders, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

A. Events have moved on since you wrote in and Cunard has cancelled your cruise, while Imagine Cruising is allowing you to transfer the £5,000 to a similar holiday in 2023 and is not pushing for a final payment. It is good that common sense has (finally) prevailed.


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