The Government Shutdown May Delay Delta’s Much-anticipated Airbus A220 Planes

The government shutdown is well into its third week with no end in sight. Though we know that the shutdown isn’t great for national parks, and that TSA agents are going unpaid, it turns out the shutdown is also bad for big businesses, too.

According to USA Today, Delta Air Lines’ upcoming release of its new, much-anticipated Airbus A220 planes will likely be delayed thanks to the shutdown.

On Tuesday, while on the airline’s earnings conference call, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said the airline’s new planes and their start dates are “likely to be pushed back’’ due to the shutdown, USA Today reported. That is because the shutdown has also delayed the Federal Aviation Administration certification the airline needs to begin flying passengers on new aircraft.

And it’s not just the A220s that will be affected.

Gil West, Delta’s chief operating officer, said on the call that certification issues could also push back the launch of the airline’s A330-900.

“There’s not an immediate impact, but it certainly could have an impact downstream on us,” West said.

But, as both employees stated, passengers shouldn’t worry about delayed or canceled flights. Instead, the airline will keep flying other planes on the routes the A220 was expected to take.

So what makes these A220s so special anyway? As Travel + Leisure previously explained, the planes are expected to come with larger overhead bins to fit even more carry-on luggage onboard. The plane will also feature two-by-three seating in economy, which means fewer dreaded middle seats. Each of the plane’s seats will also be wider than industry average, making a more comfortable ride for everyone. Though these are cool, it may be the plane’s quirkier updates that will really get people’s attention. Updates like having windows in the bathroom to add more ambience to the space, free mobile messaging, plus the strongest WiFi available in the sky.

But, for now, all we can do is hope for the shutdown to end so we can all book a seat on the new planes soon.

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