The cheapest place to retire in Europe – where ‘pensions go three times as far’

Turkey: Meteor shower captured on camera

New research has named Turkey as the best place to retire in Europe.

The decision is based on numerous lifestyle factors such as affordability, healthcare, and earning potential.

Experts at Property Guides named the country an exceptionally cheap place to live, particularly for those looking to live along the Mediterranean.

British retirees will find that their UK pension goes two to three times as far as in Spain or France.

What’s more, the country also has an exceptionally low crime rate and the cheapest cost of living of all the European countries analysed.

The Turquoise Coast (Turkish Riviera) is also particularly alluring – not to mention the warmth of the climate and the country’s exceptionally friendly people.

In second place for retirees is Germany. Whilst Germany is a little more expensive to live in than a lot of other countries that were analysed, it boasts a fantastic healthcare system and lots of green space. It’s also very easy to reach from the UK by train.

Greece comes in at third place in Property Guide’s rank, thanks to its reasonable cost of living, low crime rate and good healthcare.

Christopher Nye, chief editor at Property Guides, said: “For those looking for a new adventure a little further from home, a person’s age and lifestyle will significantly influence their choice of where to live in the world.

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“Retirees, or those looking to retire in the not-so-distant future, will emphasise factors that are in line with their future plans and needs.

“They’ll value locations with strong healthcare systems and places with a low cost of living.

“Additionally, lifestyle elements, such as access to green space and low crime rates, are also important factors that are taken into consideration by those reaching retirement age.

“Therefore, when choosing a location to move or settle down, it’s important to carefully consider how well the new country, town or city aligns with your lifestyle needs and aspirations.”

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