The best dog experience days in the UK – from helping puppies to husky sledding

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If you’re an animal lover then there’s no doubt that seeing everyones lockdown puppies has been a highlight of your year.

But, despite adoring dogs and other furry friends we’re not all able to buy or adopt one of our own.

Whether its a lack of outside space, shift work or expense there are many reasons why some Brits can’t commit to a pet.

Luckily, there are tonnes of experience days in the UK which will let you spend time with adorable pooches any time you choose.

So, why not book one of our five top dog experience picks this summer for a truly cute-as-pie activity day with all the family…

1. The Golden Retriever Experience

This family run attraction in West Somerset allows you, your mates or family to spend time with a huge pack of well-trained golden retrievers.

Yep, you’ll book a day to visit and get to play with, cuddle, spoil and be clambered all over by (if you so choose) more than 14 golden retrievers.

The pooches are exceptionally well trained so you don’t need to worry if you’re hesitant and you can even bring your own pup if they’re well-trained.

And, the GRE are trained to specialise in the therapeutic needs of children and adults with all forms of learning/social/behavioural difficulties including Autism, Asperger's and other associated conditions.

There is a two hour minimum session, which will cost you £60 per adult or £30 per child with some consessions.

Kids under two are free.

Book here.

2. Run With The Pack

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, or have a special love of huskies, then this activity is for you.

Head over to the Yorkshire Dales to drive your very own husky sled.

You don’t need snow as these dog sleds are on wheels, and the huskies don’t care what they’re pulling as long as they’re pulling something.

The experience can be tailored to the individual whether they want to go fast or slow, learn commands and, of course, give the pups a tickle.

Prices start from £55 per person for a two to three hour experience.

Book here.

3. Puppy Helper Experience

Would you rather spend your day with puppies?

Well, Guide Dogs has a Puppy Helper Experience at the National Breeding Centre near Leamington Spa

There’s not much cuter than meeting and socialising little guide dog trainees, feeding the litter and touring the training facilities.

Puppy Helper Experience group sizes will be limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Each session lasts three ours and the cost is £100 per ticket, but sadly under fives cannot attend.

Book here.

4. Pets Yoga

This ones for the more active dog lovers out there…

Pets Yoga is a mixed session where you’ll spend half your time stretching and doing a yoga class and the other half petting pups.

You can choose which group to attend and they usually have a specific breed at a time – so you can choose your favourite.

The dogs are sourced from reputable breeders and charities and Pets Yoga helps to socialise them.

Oh, and there are kittens and bunnies too if you prefer…

Sessions cost between £25 and £35 depending on the animals you choose.

Book here.

5. Doggy Soft Play

Have a pup of your own, but want something to do with them and the kids that isn't another long walk where the children complain?

Pipsqueaks Play Cafe in Wigan welcomes tots for indoor playtime and allows their best furry pal to come along too.

Staff have constructed a dog-friendly space in the cafe so while the little ones play in the ball pit your pooch can make friends too.

The dog spot is separate from where the kids play to keep everyone safe, but it means no more leaving your canine at home when you want to go to soft play.

Book here.

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