The 10 most popular cathedrals in the UK – do you have one near you?

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The UK has many beautiful cathedrals that people can attend and enjoy. This summer, many Britons on staycations are visiting cathedrals all over the country. Cathedrals have become landmarks in many cities, and as such, some are more popular than others.

Cllr Steve Morgan, Portfolio holder for Culture for Gloucester City Council said: “We’re so fortunate to have so many stunning, culturally and historically rich cathedrals all around the UK that people can attend and enjoy.”

The most popular cathedral in the UK is, unsurprisingly, St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Church of England has the most popular cathedrals in the country, with tourists flocking to the monuments to take pictures.

Out of the 25 top cathedrals in the UK, 22 were Church of England, one was a Roman Catholic Church and two were Church of Scotland.

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Following St Paul’s, Salisbury and Durham are the next most popular cathedrals.

The team at Visit Gloucester looked at social media data to figure out which cathedrals were the most popular.

St Paul’s Cathedral had 428,802 photos on Instagram, making it the undisputed winner in this popularity contest.

On the social media platform, 1,225,225 photos of cathedrals have been uploaded with the hashtag #cathedral.

There are probably many more photos of cathedrals without the #cathedral hashtag all over social media.

Visit Gloucester also looked at the data for England, Wales and Scotland.

As well as being the most popular in the UK, the top three most popular cathedrals in England were London St Paul’s, Salisbury and Durham Cathedrals.

The top three most popular cathedrals in Wales were St David’s, Llandaff and Brecon Cathedrals.

The top three most popular cathedrals in Scotland were Edinburgh St Giles, Glasgow and Inverness Cathedrals.

Cathedrals are important tourist attractions for regions and cities, with Cllr Steve Morgan explaining what Gloucester Cathedral – which is part of the top 10 most popular cathedrals in the UK – means to the city.

He said: “Gloucester Cathedral is a key landmark for the city and county, attracting 400,000 tourists from all over each year, especially having been a focal location for many films and TV series, including Harry Potter and even Doctor Who.”

The top 10 most popular cathedrals in the UK
1. London Cathedral (St Paul’s)
2. Salisbury Cathedral
3. Durham Cathedral
4. Lincoln Cathedral
5. Canterbury Cathedral
6. Winchester Cathedral
7. Liverpool Cathedral
8. Ely Cathedral
9. Gloucester Cathedral
10. Norwich Cathedral
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