Terrifying photo of plane with tape on wings goes viral – experts say it’s safe

Frequent flyers will see plenty of usual things while on a plane – from badly behaved passengers to the flight crew’s cheeky code words.

But, this week, a photo shared on Twitter went viral as people were shocked by the material used to repair a jet’s wing.

Singer David Wakeham showed the wing from out of the window with strips of silver tape laid in various patches on its surface.

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He was worried that the use of the tape was unsafe for passengers and wrote: “When choosing your favourite airline, choose wisely. @Qantas Profits before safety."

But, myth busters at CheckMate declared that the tape was fully safe and passengers need not be worried if they see it on their flight.

Apparently, the item that looked like duct tape was actually “speed tape”.

This is usually used to cover up paint damage or flaking on planes.

The Checkmate fact checkers said: “The tape pictured — known as speed tape — is used regularly in the aviation industry and, in this case, was likely applied to cover peeling paint.”

Monroe Aerospace states: “Speed tape is a type of heavy-duty, self-adhesive tape. It’s designed for temporary and minor repairs involving high-speed applications.

“Some people assume that speed tape is the same as duct tape. While they have a similar appearance, they are two different types of tape.

“Speed tape is typically thicker than duct tape. It also has a stronger adhesive, which helps it stay on airplanes during flight.”

Speed tape is also heat, water, solvent and chemical resistant and made from the metal aluminium.

The special tape is usually used for minor cover ups and poses no threat to the passengers.

Find out more about Checkmate here.


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